What kind of watch would you buy?

  1. I am in the market for a watch, I had a ladies Rolex Datejust that was stolen a few months ago out of my car (i know i know, STUPID!!) I am just not getting past that and I am back in the market for a new one.. This would be my everyday watch so I am looking for something practical. Nothing yellow gold, I dont wear yellow gold atall. I am on a tighter budget this time. i dont really want to spend anymore then like $400 :crybaby: I know.. thats not alot for a watch.. Any ideas? Please help!! Im at a loss here
  2. I'm a college student so I was put under a budget against my will. I want one of the Chanel J12 but thats essentially my tuition so I could only afford a watch under $500. I got this Burberry one recently for $425 with tax and I love it :biggrin:

  3. that is very nice, where did you get it?
  4. The $400 budget is quite tight. I think Armani & Dior Malice watches would be a great alternative. I don't know how old you are now but I have a burberry watch too. It spells of Burberry but it looks teenie (in my thought).
  5. Nice Watch
  6. Movado on sale might be a good choice - it was my first designer watch and they are well made.
  7. michael kors has some really cute watches...michaelkors.com
  8. I am 25, Like I said I had a datejust but it was stolen and im not really comfortable spending that much on another watch right now after that happened. I just want something nice but that wont be as aweful it something happens to it
  9. Bulova's are great watches for the money. I got one for my graduation, and it was great for probably 20 years. Seriously.
  10. I recommend a Movado as well. I purchased one in 1999 and it's still going strong!
  11. Yeah but like I said I'm a broke student. $400 for the watch and I had to pay EXTRA to get the links taken out lol :sad: I had a coach by movado previously that only costed me about $250 and they took out the links for free
  12. Yeah Movado is good choice. If you can find an outlet or company store I'm sure you could fine one that fits your budget :smile:
  13. That's very cute!! But I carry a BB bag as well so I'd have to have it match and mines the novacheck equestrian (spelling?) design. I don't remember seeing a matching strap when I went last week. :sad: