What kind of watch do you prefer?

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  1. What kind of watch do you prefer?

    autowind, swiss? etc....
  2. Understated. Thin case, gold or gold-plated bezel, leather band. I believe that in a business environment, a classic (or rather classy) watch speaks volumes ...
  3. I like Bulovas. They are resonably priced & pretty. I like my watches to be very feminine looking, with a thin band because I have a tiny wrist. My husband is the watch aficionado. He has been eyeing an Omega.
  4. It's probably weird, but I love Swiss Army watches. There's this one at sundancecatalog.com that I'm absolutely obsessed with...I love the cherry face.:love:
  5. I love my michelle watch.
  6. I love durable and not too fussy designs... definitely has to have a sapphire crystal face, but otherwise I wear both metal and leather bands. The one I wear most regularly is an Omega Constellation in steel with the 18K gold bar, and I alternate with the Movado Museum watch in all black.
  7. My DH is a watch afficianado, so only fine swiss for him, me, I like Swiss Army (I have 3) My all time fave is my Tiffany Divers watch. I have yet to invest in a mechanical watch. I want to, but bags always get in the way.
  8. I'm not really a big watch fan, but my boyfriend and my friend are super watch aficionados. They like automatic watches so they only collect Rolex and Panerai.
  9. I love my Omega Constellation, swiss.
  10. love love love my breitling! i have only had it since may. before i loved my swiss army and still do. nickel allergy forces me to use platinum or stainless steel so for watches i go ss. my ss callistino mop face with diamond hour markers and diamond bezel is my dream watch. queen
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Sorry about the size of that pic. Still learning to maneuver the site. That watch is a Bell & Ross. I fell in love with it even though it is for a man. Something about it just calls my name.
  13. What a neat looking watch!
  14. I like movado. Their coach watches are so cute & colorful.
  15. I love all my watches! In general, though, I prefer practical and durable over delicate.

    My day watch is a G-Shock atomic solar that never needs time adjustment and battery change. I love this "hideous monster watch", as my aunt likes to call it.

    My business meeting and evening dress-up watches are 1) Michele Watch CSX Diamond with sky blue lizard band (eyeing two replacement bands) 2) Kenneth Cole and 3) Hermes. The 20-year old Gucci watch that my aunt gave to me died last year.

    My special occasion watch is a vintage gold bracelet watch (so tiny I can barely read the label). It is the successor to the Gucci. My aunt gave it to me so I would refrain from wearing my monster G-Shock. :lol:
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