What kind of wallet?

  1. I am new to LV and I am currently on the wait list for a tivoli PM. However, I am going to med school in Chicago this fall and I am thinking maybe I should move away from buying a handbag I might be too afraid to use in public. As I have never lived in the city I don't want to make myself a target. I'll also be using a backpack a great deal of the time. Still I would just love a little LV. So I am thinking a wallet would be great! A small one too! I don't believe in credit cards too much I have about 5 must carry cards(thats including my license) and I usually only carry a few $$bills on me. My change is generally plentiful, but I could cut down by using a change purse. I am currently using a large dooney checkbook wallet that is a bit cumbersome. I would also love to save money on this purchase maybe going the ludlow route so I can get myself an agenda as well. However, I worry it will be too tiny to carry what I need? Do you think I should go the more expensive route and get maybe a snapped billfold or will the little ludlow meet my needs? Oh and do you think I'd be making a mistake not buying a purse first? Please help me out!:woohoo:
  2. I would suggest getting a bag first. If you want a wallet, the Zippt Coin Purse would fit your requirements.
  3. First of all.... Congratulations on getting into med school. Bravo! Not only smart ..... but good taste, too. My suggestion is this..... buy a monogram zippy coin purse first. It is small but will hold your credit cards, bills and some change. About the handbag.... do you really want to be dragging an LV to dissections, emergency room rotations and other places where bodily fluids may get on your beautiful bag? So here is the second part of my suggestion. Use a backpack for school and think about the LV you want to carry when you have a day off or a night out. Go to a boutique and try on different bags to see what feels right. In the meantime you will have your zippy coin purse tucked safely inside your backpack to make you feel extravagant while you are in school. KWIM?
  4. Oh.... just reread your post. You are on the waitlist for the Tivoli PM. So you have chosen your bag. It's a great choice. Pretty bag. Get it when it comes in. Just don't bring it around cadavers and such.
  5. Arg I just looked up this zippy coin purse and it appears to only come in classic monogram ... I was really hoping for a punch of color in this new wallet with some vernis perhaps? I am sad because the zippy coin purse seems extremely functional!