What kind of wallet you use...

  1. ...to put inside the small size flap handbag:confused1: The smallest handbag that I used to have is a medium flap, until recently that I added the small flap to my Chanel collection. The wallet that I have been using is the LV wallet which is totally too big for that handbag. Right after I put that wallet in, basically there is no room for anything else!:sweatdrop: So ladies...can you tell me what kind of wallet that you use, and still have room for a cell phone, and lipsticks(can't do without).
    Today, I went to NM and did a bit of wallet shopping. I was searching for a slim-line wallet, and the only one that I can find and like is by Hermes. It was out of my budget...ouch $1700!:crybaby:

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I just use a little leather card holder--I can put my credit cards and bank cards inside. It takes very little room!

    You can get little card holders anywhere you purchase bags and/or wallets.
  3. Snowwhite, thanks for your suggestion!:yes:
    When I have to use my small flap, I have to put my bills ,cc's and driver license inside the zipper pocket...but don't know what to do with those coins. I can see if I continue to do that, inside of the pocket will look very dirty.
    I am gonna change to my other bag until I figure out this problem of mine...I really love this bag though is small.
  4. I just got the medium flap and my normal wallet (continental Dior gaucho) is to big so I picked up my LV ludlow in pomme d'amour which looks lovely with the black bag and it has room for 3 cc and a small bill and coin compartment.
    With this wallet there's plenty of room left for my cell, keys, lipstick etc.
  5. That's a good idea, thanks Tanja!
  6. i use balenciaga mini mini coin purse to put my money and id and cards :p
  7. I also picked up a ludlow, but in framboise... it's so pretty, and functional too! Although I can manage to fit my brown caviar Chanel wallet in my medium flaps, I get a lilttle more into the bag using the ludlow instead. :smile:

  8. Try doing a search also...there are a bunch of good threads on wallets!
  9. If you're like me and would rather not have a combined wallet/change purse, take a look at the several different styles of coin purses offered by Longchamp. I love the little, zippered-top coin purse I recently purchased there, especially because it smooshes in neatly around the small, slim Gucci leather wallet & whatever else I'm carrying in my classic flap. Style #3686 021 comes in 11 different colors of no-fuss tightly-grained leather :smile:
  10. Thanks seahorseinstripes and cocklecove for sharing your ideas! I think I will get a cute coin purse and a cc holder, if I can't find a slim-line wallet that I like.

    Thanks for the head up,Skinny! I just lurked into the Purse and Handbag forum and did a search. I did find some very pretty coin purses that will fit into my little flap. I even saw a Chanel coin purse from the search, I bet it is hard to find just like all the other Chanels that I want.:p