What kind of wallet or makeup bags do you all have in your RM's?

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  1. I loved the thread -what do you have in your MA's?.

    I am wondering what kind of wallet or makeup bags do you gals have in your RM's? or any other small leather goods?
  2. I have a Kate Spade Taryn French purse and a LeSportsac makeup pouch.
  3. I have a Marc Jacobs Zip Clutch and a Kate Spade makeup pouch
  4. Wallet - Marc Jacobs Zip Clutch in Peanut
    Makeup Bag - Chococat :smile:
  5. I have a Coach Bleeker Clutch wallet and a nothing special make up bag.
  6. I have a LV Epi PTI Wallet and LV Azur Pochette Accessories as make up bag. (Used to be an all LV girl and now converted to RM. :p)
  7. I've got a tan Chelsea Coach pebbled leather zip around wallet. I don't actually have my RM just yet but it is on its way here! ^_^ I plan to use my LV Mono Pochette like lvsforme. I'm sure it will help keep things organized. I've never owned a bag this big before!
  8. I haven't used a big bag like this on a regular basis before either. I just got mine! I have a Hobo International Lauren wallet. It's new too I love it! I haven't found a makeup bag yet!
  9. MbMJ Lovely zip clutch, Coach wristlet, and apple Parcel briefcase pouch.
  10. I'm getting my RM Morning after mini in wine on the mail...I hope it comes this week!....

    and I am positive I will put my new Marc Jacobs zip clutch wallet in it. I picked this up last week and I am in heaven. I love the colour :smile:

  11. I have Marc Jacobs ZC and a gold Guccissima make-up bag
  12. I haven't decided on my RM yet but I have a polka dot wallet from Urban Outfitters and a diy pinup girl makeup bag from limelimelime. Nothing compare to what you guys have. :smile:
  13. I always use my Dior Gaucho continental wallet and my Belen Angel purse which is a make up pouch.
  14. MJ Zip Clutch and RM Kiss and Make Up
  15. MbyMJ zip clutch in Cream and a Harajuku Lovers cosmetics case :]