What kind of wallet do you use for your B-bag?

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  1. What would look cute? :idea: What brand? What do you use? Does it match your bag?

  2. my wallet is brown, it totally doesnt match any of my b-bags! but i totally love my wallet that i have at the moment!:amuse:
  3. What kind do you have? I am looking for a good functional wallet (with a change section) that is not too expensive.
  4. I use a LV wallet...it is more than a year old and still looks brand new. I use it in any bag.
  5. I absolutely love my LV white multicolor Tressor. It has every color in the world on it so it goes with every b-bag available. Plus the wallet is totally functional.
  6. I may change my handbag every week but, I use the same wallets...my LV Snap billfold/coin purse, Pouchette wallet, and my beloved 3 compartment coin purse. I'm too lazy to change wallets and I love them too much to replace them!
  7. I highly recommend hobo international's kiss lock wallets. They have distressed leather and won't cost you an arm and leg. I think they're an awesome match for motorcycle bbags.

    This is the Lauren style, which is your usual check book size wallet. The wallet folds open to reveal a photo id pocket and some sleeves (held together via magnet mechanism). It's a nice design, because if you work in a building where you need to constantly flash your id- you can just swing open your wallet and voila!

    They used to have a smaller edition of the lauren, but I haven't seen it recently. Now it's like this-

    I highly recommend them. They are really super wallets.
  8. Ooh, love it. Especially that they have one that comes in sky blue. Thank you for the tip!!
  9. I am using my new LV damier zippy wallet. I :love: it-it is perfect for all my junk! Since it was so $$ I am going to use it in every bag for the rest of my life!!!!:lol:
  10. Right now I'm using a Kate Spade wallet in a salmon color. I also have a vintage Gucci that I use from time to time.
  11. hey Becca4277 i think the brand is cellini - im not too sure where its made its quite popular over in New Zealand... it holds everything - well it doesnt have much in it at the moment! hehehe! good luck with your search! :amuse:
  12. I use a mulberry postmans lock wallet - great size with it having space for 6 credit cards and a change section
  13. I have a Coach wallet that I use for all my bags since I'm too lazy to change wallets.
  14. I use a Chanel wallet. Switching around wallets would be great, but I am simply too lazy to switch wallets, I really couldn't be bothered. It gets abused until it's unpresentable and then I get a new one. It totally clashes with my B-bags too. :shame:
  15. i haf a pink chanel wallet..totally doesn't match any of my B-bags..hihi