What kind of wallet do you have in that Chloe?

  1. My previous obsession was Marc Jacobs, so I have a Marc Jacobs wallet that I still :heart: it very much, and I think it goes well with Moka Bay. It looks like this, but more of an Army Green, with red stitching.

  2. ^^^^ lovely lovely lovely!! thos MJ clutched are high on my list!! i so wanna get one..one shiny day!! hehehe
    mine is my corallo BV sqaure wallet.. although it doesnt match at all with my spicy non quilted bay.. but its the wallet i have been using since sept. and i cant stop loving yet!! :biggrin:
    however it did go so well with my chocolate edith loaf (box small edith version)!!

  3. My previous obsession(s) were Marc Jacobs and Jimmy Choo, and I still like both, but have totally fallen for Chloe. My current wallet for credit cards is a silver cigarette case that I bought in another country (I don't smoke btw), but I get so many compliments when I pull it out, and it is very user friendly. I own a MJ maroon clutch/wallet per the pic above, and 2 Chloe wallets that I pull out from time to time, but weight wise, I keep going back to cig case.

  4. Here's my Edith purse/wallet - it just gets more & more lovely:heart: as the leather ages.

    (LYM - I was also MJ fixated myself at one time...had two Stella bags in Black & Green, a Black Blake, a Blue & Orange Marc for MJ cube bag and a Marc for MJ 'Miss Marc' Red Tote...most of these were sold off to finance a Mulberry obsession which then gave way to my current Chloe obsession...can't ever imagine selling off my Bay collection though:nogood:)
    edith purse.jpg
  5. [
    Tag- you are quite the expert at bag obsession!! I :heart: your Edith![/quote]

    Thanks LYM - I've been practising long and hard to master the art :lol:!
  6. Thanx.:flowers:
  7. I am carrying my Roche paddington wallet:love: right now. It doesn't match my canelle quilted bay but I just love it so and was in the mood to carry it today!!! In the pic it's the wallet at the top!

  8. Ali,
    does your wallet have canvas and natural leather(undyed) inside? I got one from DH he got from BF. I was surprised when I opened it because it was so plain inside.:shrugs:
  9. I am carrying my new Chloe edith long wallet!
  10. Imon: My paddington wallet does have real leather inside.

    Mona: Finally, your edith wallet. Congrats, and we want photo!!
  11. Ok ok, if you insist.....
    DSC03320.JPG DSC03321.JPG