What kind of vehicle does your Coach baby ride in?

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  1. The car catastrophe thread got me started on thoughts about cars, so here's the question: What kind of car, truck, SUV, etc. does your Coach ride in?

    Just wondering if there's a correlation between the Coach we carry & the coach we drive.

    I'll start. I drive a black '95 Honda Prelude. My Coach is black leather. My car interior is black leather. Coincidence?
  2. I drive a 2005 Nissan Xterra. It's black exterior with grey leather interior. I need the 4 wheel drive for these lovely Maine winters! :p
    I have too many bags to compare, but they are all leather...
  3. My Coach kicks it in a 2008 Dodge Calibre
  4. Oops . . . forgot the other half of the question. Which Coach do you carry (in addition to what does it ride in?) Sorry about that!
  5. My Coach black leather Carly and magenta Bleecker duffle kick it in a black VW New Beetle with gray leather interior! :love:
  6. Now that is a real stunning combination. Grey & magenta (or any shade thereof) are absolutely gorgeous together!
  7. Hmm Dont have a coach handbag yet.. but have a scribble and black gallery tote on its way.
    I drive a inferno red 2007 dodge caliber. Interior is grey ( in the summer 93 bmw 325i Black/interior is black)
    on a rare occasion 99 dodge neon green/interior is dark grey
  8. What color?
    I have an inferno red 2007
  9. I actually have 2 SUVs that I go back and forth between. My Porsche Cayenne and my Land Rover. I currently let my rust color Bleeker duffle ride along with me.
  10. Oh, I forgot to answer the other half of the question. My Porsche Cayenne has dark green interiors and my Land Rover has tan interiors and I carry a Rust color bag. Absolutely no correlations there!
  11. All my Coach beauties ride in my 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX, black interior (turbo baby!!) or hubby's 2005 Mustang GT with red leather interior.
  12. It is...it's too bad that DH and I are probably going to sell my car after tax time because we're now going to be commuting to work together and I have zero use for my car. So then the bags will hang in a silver Honda Civic with black cloth interior...not as fun as my car but less money on car payments = more money for bags!
  13. I have a black Chevy Tahoe with grey interior, but most of my bags are brown, or some shade of it, so I guess I don't match.
  14. My Large Sig Carly rides shotgun in a gunmetal 2006 Mazda Tribute with dark grey cloth interior.
  15. Ford Expedition white/gray leather interior, Ford Focus white/gray interior (newer cant remember the years:confused1:) 08' Ford F350 crew cab diesel dark blue w/black leather interior. As for the Coach riding in them at the moment, that would be:
    Ebay Pics 636.jpg