What kind of underwear are u wearing today???

  1. if you're wearing lingerie that makes u feel glamorous, you're halfway there to turning heads...

    i'm wearing D&G leopard print...
  2. A gray sportsbra and lowrise cotton hipsters (they're purple-- I just checked :shame:smile:. I've been at home all day doing nothing and it's been GREAT. Today is definitely not a push-up bra kinda day for me :nogood: :lol:
  3. hanky panky low rise thong in black
  4. VS cotton low rise bikini. This style is so comfortable. It's green, pink, yellow, and purple striped. Nobody sees my underwear anyways so I wear very tacky prints. :blush:
  5. Sitting at home preparing to watch Grey Gardens on DVD because Cloverfield is still too busy: Bonds white cottontails.
  6. Lol @ this thread. I am wearing VS pink low rise thong. I love them, so comfy and cute too.
  7. :sAn old grey VS low-rise cotton... MSing today!
  8. Black Cosabella thong and Black Natori Balconette Bra.
  9. LOL! One of my usual Victoria's bras and a South Park print bikini.
  10. ^ Yay for Southpark!!! :nuts:
  11. Seriously!?

    You gals are nuts.

    I'm wearing Ralph Lauren boxer briefs.
  12. VS body by Victoria boy short in lime green with white polka dots ;)
  13. AE boybriefs... white with green pinstripes. so comfy!

    I love underwear... I have like, a million pairs.
  14. :blush:
  15. :graucho: