What kind of TV do you have

  1. I have a 52' Sharp Aquos LCD in my Living room (love it) and a 42' Philips LCD in one bedroom and a old 35' tube in my other bedroom
  2. Living room has a 42" Sharp LCD. It's the first HD set we've had--some of the HD nature video is phenomenal. The other sets are various sizes of the old-fashioned type.
  3. Living rooms has a 56 inch Samsung DLP HDTV. It's awesome in the bedroom I have a regular 32 inch tv and a 19 inch in the other room. Me and the hubby is planning on mounting a flat inch on the wall in our bedroom.:yahoo:
  4. 50" Phillips in the living room, 42" Phillips in the bedroom
  5. I have a 60 inch Sony Wega, I bought in Korea in my living room and a 42 inch Sony flat screen in the bedroom.
  6. samsung plasma hanging on the wall of the living room
  7. Samsung HD plasma 32" i think :S lol
  8. I actually don't own a TV, but I have a LCD projector that is hooked up to a TV tuner that projects a 6 foot image onto the wall. In the house I lived in before that, I had installed a 9 foot screen into the ceiling that we would come down so we could watch shows and movies.
  9. Upstairs in our movie room we have a 73" Mitsubishi HD Diamond Vision DLP and downstairs in the family room a 55" Hitachi HD Plasma...
  10. No idea what it is that my parents have but I have a Hello Kitty tv in my room lol.
  11. I have a Sony Wega 55" HDTV. I don't know any technical specs lol (that's dh's job). Discovery HD is my favorite channel! The picture is great. I have a flat tube 32 inch in the bedroom, which is fine for now.

    Anyone notice how good the prices are for LCD/plasma TVs are getting? I'm actually tempted to get a 40" Sony Bravia LCD HDTV for my bedroom.
  12. OMG, I have a house full of TV. 50" Sony LCD Projection in Living Room, 32" Sony WEGA in master bed, 19" Samsung in guest room, 20" Sylvania Plasma in Kitchen and 20" RCA in the basement.
    And the computer in the study room has media center software in it so can watch tv there too. The missing rooms are the bathrooms :smile:
  13. LOL!! Same here!! I didn't mention both kids have TVs in there rooms, then also out in the garage. Yep, LOL just missing the bathrooms here as well! :p
  14. 56" Samsung DLP in the living room, 26" Polaroid LCD in the bedroom.
  15. It's a sorta big SHARP...I don't really pay attention..just as long as it works!! I jacked it from my dads house!! LOL