What kind of Sunnies do you have in that Chloe bag?

  1. This was fun with wallets, so I thought why not sunglasses?

    I've said before I'm not a big fan of Coach bags. However, my track record with sunglasses isn't great, they are usually pretty beat after a year of so, so I don't buy very expensive ones.

    I got these Coach Traci sunglasses at Loehmann's for like $50 and I really do like them. I think they go great with my Moka bay too!

    (Image taken from an eBay auction)


    So, what kind of sunnies do you wear?
  2. ^Those look very chic and I'll bet they make you look like a movie star! I have my beloved Bulgari wrap around with the 'diamond' flowers on the side. These are the ones you see in all my photos to add an air of mystery and intrigue - LOL! I had to have them after I saw a pic of Sharon Stone wearing them and I even had them made into prescription ones so that they actually work!
  3. I'm brand fickle with sunnies, and have several pair --just got a great deal on Versace black rim with rhinestones ($79 at NMLC). The one's I wear most are my Gucci and Chanel (my fav).
  4. Div and Ilson, all your sunnies sound very glam, i :heart: it!
  5. I got a few pair of sunglasses. Last year I bought a pair of prada sunglasses that are a bit leopard colour but not all spotty like a leopard in the colour. I would wear them now if I needed a pair but I want some Chanel sunglasses because they look so shiny in the glass so I might get a pair. I had a look a few weeks ago but the ones I liked were brown and I figured I need black ones so will wait with that.
  6. I usually wear a pair of brown Ralph Laurent sunglasses... They are nice, but perhalps a bit too classical...
    I just got myself a pair of HM huge black glasses to see how I feel and decide whether I should buy something similar from a designer house... So far I really like them, so will be hunting for a new pair soon... The problem is ... i tend to loose them everywhere...
  7. The only problem with my Coach sunnies is that they are so close to my eyes that they fog up all the time. Has anyone else ever experienced that?
  8. It happens ALL THE TIME with my large "trial" HM sunglasses... :yes:
  9. I have some Burberry sunglasses and some large cheaper ones from accessorize. I would love some Chanel sunglasses (my other passion, Chanel, not sunglasses). I am a label tart. I don't have a loyalty to anyone label.
  10. I wear chanel (cant remember the model number)
  11. mine are chanel too. Great new picture bellacherie!!

  12. Thanks hun! She always looks so big in pictures I thought she may aswell look huge!
  13. ur making me want a puppy!! Oh well, one day, when i live in a house with a backyard. Until then i'll drool over your pictures.
  14. I have a new pair of Bvlgaris that I think were an impulse buy. I think they look alright, but the ring on the side is just too blingy for me and I feel silly every time I wear them! I also have a pair of Chloe Myrte sunnies, which have been discussed in another thread - I always thought they were black but have just found out they're navy LOL - how embarrassing!
  15. I love the celine and the dior couture