What kind of sunglasses

  1. do you wear or want?
  2. I LOVE sunglasses. I normally wear Marc Jacobs042, Dolce&Gabbana 6003 and I want Marc Jacobs Rachel (it's from 2006 though)
  3. I'm currently wearing my Chanel 5076's in black...loveeee them because no one can see your eyes, hehe :cool:
  4. I want the new Chanel 6014...i just love them!!!
  5. I am looking at some new diors that I can' remember the name of, but they're big and og this season. Also I'm thinking about some obsessions from LV, but they'll be around and always in fashion so it's not really urgent.
  6. Ray ban for aviator's
    Prada for a more "serious" look
    Gianfranco Ferré 'nd Dior just for fun
    and Cartier (I own a vintage pair of aviators although I almost never wear them because I think that gold frames are a little too much for a guy...)
    'nd I'm currently looking for a pair of Gucci's :supacool:
  7. I have the same ones...They are TDF!:heart:
  8. I own 6 pairs of Dior, 4 chanel and 1 gucci. love sunglasses
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  9. I have a brown Marc Jacobs pair, a Prada pair in black, and as of yesterday--a new Bottega Veneta big, black sunglasses. Love them!
  10. I have alot of sunnies! So here it goes, I have dolce & gabanna with rhinestone DG's, Missoni white and black print, Versace gold with rhinestones, Versace tan and brwon, Dior logo-sided simple black sunnies, Giorgio Armani logo-sided black, Ferragamo red w/ silver hardware, Ray-ban aviators gold hardware, D&G aviators with rhinestone on lense and Blvgari tortoise (don't know if im spelling that correctly, lol) print with rhinestone logo.

    Want: Prada & Chanel
  11. i am currently wearing a pair of chanel aviators...i don't know the style number. I love tom Ford's sunglasses as well...definitely looking to buy one sometime soon!
  12. I only really wear Chanel sunglasses. I'm always switching back and forth between these 4 pairs. I love them all so much!
    Chanel Black 1.JPG Chanel Brown 1.JPG Chanel Round 2.JPG Chanel Tan 2.JPG
  13. Im just wearing my Chanel's 5076 :biggrin:

    I love them too!
  14. I have 2 pairs of Chanel, both are white frames....love them...I just got one of them last week at Bloomies...
    I have red D&G and red Gucci sunglasses as well...
    Oh and also a pinkish plum Versace pair....