What Kind Of Stroller Do You Use Or Recommend???

  1. I'm thinking of purchasing the bugaboo Bee stroller but wonder how long I will be able to use it and if it's very safe. My DD is 7mths. old but the stroller I have drives me crazy for various reasons.
    Has anyone had any experience with this stroller, would you recommend it?
    What kind of stroller do you like best? TIA;).....
  2. BOB Revolution
  3. Mclaren! I love those strollers!:yes:
  4. I have heard that BOB and Bugaboo are great!

    I don't have them, but out of my 5 strollers I own (ridiculous, I know), I love the Maclaren the most.
  5. I love my Inglesina Zippy. it's not too heavy and has a one hand fold system
  6. What do you love about the Maclaren? They made one for burberry that is very cute.
    I need something light weight but at the same time safe and lasts longer than six months.
  7. I had a Peg Perego Venezia Martinelli- and it was too heavy and the wheels would get stuck on uneven terrain. My son is older now and I use the Mclaren Volo. It is lightweight and easy to manuver.
  8. I'm stroller shopping at the moment and I really liked the Orbit (better than the Bugaboo Chameleon, the Stokke Explori, Quinny Buzz, or the Mutsy 4Rider.) However, if you're past the infant stage, I'm not sure if it comes as the toddler setup (I think so, though). The weight limit is also 40 lbs., if I remember right, so you may want to take that into account. I posted previously about my thoughts on the Orbit vs. Bugaboo here http://forum.purseblog.com/pregnancy-and-parenting/orbit-stroller-ok-travel-system-208998.html in case it's helpful to you. The Quinny was really cool, but heavy!!

    For a little, light accordion fold stroller that would work well for travel and quick trips, I liked the Inglesina Zippy. I was sure I wanted the Maclaren Techno XLR, but I preferred the Inglesina when I played with them in person. It was lighter and easier to fold.
  9. The bugaboo bee seems to be a disappointment for a lot of people. Your child is still really young and will still need a recline for awhile. I think a lot of people like Maclaren's because they are lightweight, but they are "flimsy" too if you are used to a solid stroller. Honestly, I think the Inglesina Zippy or Perego Pliko are great all around strollers and I really love my Red Castle Whizz.

    However, your child is about to get (or is already) to the phase of wanting to see mommy, so a reversible seat/handle might be a good choice too. My son LLOOOOVVVVEEED facing me until he was about 2 years old because then we could TALK while we were out. He could point to what he saw and ask me what things were and so on. I wouldn't have used a forward facing seat EVER until he was about 18 months, and only then when we were outside. INDOORS, was much better with rearfacing - he was happier longer.

    Unfortunately, most rearfacing strollers are expensive!
  10. i love mac laren strollers the most too:tup:!

    here're my stroller experiences to share....between my 2 children, i've had 3 mac laren strollers (techno xt, twin techno xt, & quest) , 1 tike tech jogging stroller (for snowy conditions), 1 mothercare jive stroller (spare stroller bought when the airport staff damaged my mac laren stroller), 1 graco travel system, and 1 kolcraft universal stroller.

    the graco travel system i find was my least favourite cause it's so heavy and big. i only used it for 3months before switching to mac laren techno xt.

    since your daughter is already 7months old, i'd highly recommend the mac laren quest (it's slightly lighter than the techno xt).

    hope this help:yes:
  11. I think I don't favor maclaren's because I started with heftier strollers with super firm parts and such - Stokke Xplory, Emmaljunga Pram, and MANY more. I recently just want to get a Malclaren and I was dismayed at so many things... yet I KNOW they are super popular and most people love them. First, the recline, the seat is not firm like what I'm used to, but a few plastic pieces. Second, my son's feet can touch the wheels (he's 2.5). Before that he liked to spread his legs to either side, so again, dangerous as I can catch them on things. And lastly, the fabric feels cheap.

    If I would have STARTED with cheaper strollers or similar quality, I think I would like them, but they are a step down in everything and I just can't get over that feeling of "not as good as ..."

    I know I'm in the minority though. That's about all I see in the malls around here. Though, if I were to get a Maclaren, the quest would be the last I would get because the hood is much smaller (same with the Triumph).
  12. I've had a Graco travel system, an Eddie Bauer travel system and two Maclarens, the Triumph and the Volo.

    I cannot lug heavy strollers around; I live in NYC and it is simply not practical. The Graco and Eddie Bauer sat unused til I got rid of them. I use the Volo most often these days because he's a big boy and it's the easiest to maneuver in the subway.
  13. Any umbrella stroller will seem "flimsy" if you are used to dealing with the hefty ones, but Maclarens are the most solidly made umbrella strollers, IMO.

    Edit: My friend bought a Bugaboo (not the Bee, another model, can't remember the name) but she can't find much use for it traveling on the subway either, so she wound up with a Volo as well.
  14. i agree with this. i find the techno xt to be the most sturdy umbrella stroller.

    however, i got my techno xt single stroller back in 2003 when i had my daughter and it do like the older model more than the newer one (compared to my twin techno xt i got in 2006).
  15. This is true that for almost all umbrella strollers, the Maclaren is the best. Though, another great city stroller is the Micralite. I LOVED that stroller and not flimsy at all and one hand steering. Unfortunately,the US version (I had a european one) has too short waist strap for my big guy (not fat, just big). I also hear the Orbit is a great city stroller.