What kind of sling do you use? *Post pics!*

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  1. I am looking for a new sling. I am considering buying an LV sling or another brand name but I don't know which one to get? Do you own a Louis Vuitton sling? Which one? Have any pics? :smile:
  2. sorry, what's a sling? lol like messenger bags that cross the body?
  3. If by sling you mean a messenger type bag or a bag that you can wear across the body then I too would love to see some pictures.

    I've been looking for a bag I can wear across the body and I was just going to get a Coach swingpack but now I think I want a nice LV one.

    I'd love to see some pictures of people wearing theirs!
  4. Or do you mean a baby sling? In that case, LV doesn't make one but I believe Gucci does. If you're talking about a messenger, I'd highly recommend the Bastille, reporter, or Melville.
  5. also LV has a lot of 'cross body' strap bags, are you looking for more of a bigger bag or one that has a smaller body?
  6. What's a sling?
  7. Sling/messenger! :smile:
  8. what about the musette? I like the large one personally.
  9. musette??
  10. hmm... well here's my Trotteur. For 'sling' bags, I prefer those with a smaller body otherwise it'll overwhelm me and make me look even shorter lol (I'm 5'2)
  11. the melville looks nice :smile:
  12. Great outfit CEC! :nuts: Love your top :love:

    My favourite LV messengers are the Messenger PM Bosphore, Musette Tango, and Pochette Melville.
  13. A Tambourin, or a vintage Chantilly would be the best! well for me..
  14. lol, I am glad I am not the only one who was like :confused1:
  15. Thanks:blush:

    lol ya at first I thought it was one of those sling shot toys that I used to play with when I was young (Oh ya dad was not amused with all my great hits at him:p )