what kind of shoes would go with this dress??

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  1. 930084_009_b.jpeg

    I bought this dress from Anthropologie but cannot decide on what kind of shoes to wear. Any ideas???
  2. mary janes! is the dress black or blue?
    and I think red would work as well.
    what's your price range?
  3. it's black. i thought red would work too cause the lining is red and you can see it a little bit.
    i was thinking of going as far as $200.
  4. I thought red too when I saw it
  5. Well in winter it'd be really cute with black opaques and ankle boots.

    I agree with Mary Janes... red would pop and black would be good too, if you really wanted to be daring maybe yellow pumps? Highlight the pattern of the dress?
  6. I agree with everyone above!! Mary Jeans would look really good with this dress. Red would really make this dress stand out!
  7. I think you could go metallic too - silver or gold would look classy.
  8. black hi heels or I'd say metallic too^^^
  9. I would wear a black peep-toe pump with it. And Mary-Janes (maybe in black patent?) are cute too!
  10. Thanks for all the ideas. I decided to go with red Mary Janes :smile:
  11. Glad you're going with red, I would have made the same choice!
  12. red mary janes