What kind of shoes with this dress?

  1. I'm not sure if this would go in The Glass Slipper or Wardrobe section, but I was just wondering what kind of shoes you ladies would wear with a deep plum colored shirt dress. The cut is very a-line and the fabric has a slight sheen.

    I have suede pumps that are exactly the same color as the dress, but would that be cheesy? I also have basic leather pumps in: bone, cognac, honey croco, chocolate brown (low or high heel), black (kitten heel, high heel, wedge), black croco...

    I'm going to a family party and I need something conservative. Normally I'd do something fun like silver or gold, but I need something non-flashy for this event. What do you think would look best? Also what kind of accessories would you wear?

    TIA :heart:
  2. Is the plum more purple or leaning red??

    Besides the colors that have to compliment the plum color... sometimes the shoe style may or may not go with the dress even if the color is good as a pair for the plum.

    If it is leaning more red plum (wine)... go black

    But for a purple plum, chestnut brown (your cognac some lines refer cognacs as a red wine brown, some will be more of like the chestnut brown... you know how naming the colors are different brands ARE infact a different hue or sometimes colors even). A bone bootie or boots may pull it off... I have also paired my purple (plum) dress with a greyish brown (more grey than brown) mid ankle boots.

    If you do that chestnut brown... try a belt that can pull the same color as your shoes. I think an antique burnish gold may be your best bet with browns, silver can bring the grey tone out. Try a new color called rose gold as well... if you do that, a plum purple may even get away with a red wine (burgundy red colored but lean more to the red than the purple as you don't want that "trying to match but not close enough" look) shoe.
  3. Cognac or black pumps.
  4. Thanks for the replies :flowers:

    The only pic I could find is terrible... It fits me differently. On me, the top fits the same way, but it flares out more at the waist. It's one of those things that was super cheap, but doesn't look it IRL because it fits me really well. I hope that makes sense.


    I was leaning towards bone colored pumps and pearls, but I feel like thats sooo boring. The suede pumps look good but it's really matchy-matchy. I really like the belt suggestion (instead of the tie that comes with it) but my only belt that would work is black...
  5. How about a silver chain type belt? It would give it more of a POP! ;)
  6. I like the idea of the bone since I feel when you talk about the outfit you want to show off the dress and the shoes are secondary, so let them be. Priiin's suggestion of a chain or other embellishment to the dress sounds lovely as well.
  7. I say black heels and what priin suggested with the silver chain belt.

    I wouldn't wear that suede shoes....it's too matchy-matchy.
  8. Black heels w/ a fun belt. I even think a neat printed scarf would work for the belt if it had some of the same colors. I also like the idea of a silver belt.
  9. ^ Thanks for the link Lolitakali! :flowers:

    I realized I have an orangey leather skinny belt that looks really cute with the dress so I think I'm going to wear that and the honey croco kitten heels. It sounds odd, but it looks good IRL.

    Now I'm trying to figure out what color bag goes with purple and orange :confused1:...
  10. ^^Black. You'd want the color of the purse to be subdued since you already have the purple and orange going on.
  11. ^ Good point. I tried a camel leather purse and it looked disgusting...
  12. Gold, silver, nude, even red!
  13. You are very welcome claireZk... I love to wear purples too.