What kind of shoes do you wear with a juicy suit?

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  1. I've been wearing my havaiana flip flops with my juicy suits and when it gets colder I'll probably wear my uggs. Do you think patent flats would be funny looking? I was thinking of wearing my red patent moccasin flats with my black Juicy suit. Doesn't sound like a cute outfit when I read it back. My girlfriend was suggesting vans or converse tennis shoes. What do you wear?
  2. I wore Tylie Malibu boots in the winter (similar style to UGGs). And I wore Havianas in the summer. I can't image patent leather and velour looking right together. It really depends on the material of the suit and the shoes. Heels can be pulled off with a suit - but I think they need to be a little chunky to play into the casualness of the look. Anything too strappy may look silly.
  3. Oh and I HATE Tennis shoes... but you may be able to find some 'chic' version. Maybe the kind that are backless and slide on. I think Alexander McQueen did a shoe for Puma. Or even better - check out Nike/Cole Haan's collaboration shoes. Something within that line should would great.
  4. Last comment - The Tory Burch Reva flat could look cute as well!
  5. Ballet flats, fashion sneakers (Puma, converse) or sandals.
  6. Ballet flats or wedge sandals (nothing taller than about 2.5" though IMO).
  7. I'm such a dag........I wear Birkenstocks
  8. I wear only ballet flats that are more casual and not too dressy.
  9. I have worn mine with metallic ballerina flats. It was very simple and understated. :smile: Good luck!
  10. I wear Havaianas until it gets really cold. After that I wear Puma Speedcats and UGG scuffs. I've also worn Diesel sneakers and UGG boots with Juicy, but I prefer something REALLY flat, because the pants would be too short otherwise.

    I've never worn flats with mine, but I think it sounds cute. I think it depends on how the suit fits you-- if it's fitted, then it will work. If it's too baggy, it will look weird IMO.
  11. I usually wear my Puma's and I might try my TB Reva flats since my track suit is black and so are the TB's.
  12. Great suggestion girls! I'm going to hunt for some cute ballerina flats and cute fashion sneakers. What do you think about these, they are from the Simply Vera by Vera Wang at Kohls. These might be better suited for jeans than a juicy suit.

  13. i'd go with pumas or uggs.
  14. I'm with Sheanabelle...
  15. with my juicy sweats i wear flip flops, puma sneakers, nike airshox, and for the winter a pair of timberlands lol