What kind of service do you expect @ the LV boutique?

  1. After reading all of the "bad service" threads here I started thinking about this, and now I wanna hear what y'all expect when you go to the LV boutique.

    These are my expectations:
    -Friendly service
    -SAs that know their stuff

    If I get that I'm a happy camper:yes: !
  2. Mostly LV Boutique staffs / SA here in London are very very nice and welcome customers. Can't compare with Chanel with few of staffs are nice. Most of them I would say can't even compare with LV.
  3. I only go in when my SA is there because I am so used to how she treats me. I like to walk in and be greeted with a smile, helped courteously, and then left alone to browse. I appreciate being shown new items and given suggestions but without pressure to buy.
  4. I only expect perfect service and that's usually what I get; politeness, creative suggestions that work well, easy going-ness, knowledgableness and helpfulness.
  5. I expect to be treated with the same respect as I treat them when I walk in. They are there obviously because they like bags and they need a job, and I am there for that reason too! hehe .(Cause why would someone work at LV and hate bags?? The horror! And why would I spend so much time obsessing about bags if I had a job to occupy me?? lol)
    So we have that in common. I'm not better than them and they're not better than me.

    I dont expect to be a princess, but I expect to be able to touch every item there if I want to, and not HAVE to purchase anything to be treated nicely.

    To be honest, I do most of my shopping by phone so they are very patient with me while browsing and "fondling" the merchandise... :love: :graucho: :love:

    I usually do quick phone charge and send orders where I knew what I wanted and knew they had it before I even called because my SA had already told me they had it in stock there by looking in the computer.

    I've only dealt with 866 and the LV boutique inside of Saks in Indianapolis, IN personally to a great extent.
    Unfortunately, in every situation I have known their product more than they did. I had a rep from 866 tell me this morning that the Cerises line was a fall 2006 item. Funny, cause I was sporting a Cerises speedy in MARCH OF 2005. lol. She had lots more funny blunders to tell me too about some shoe lines. I am glad I knew better.

    Two of the SAs at Saks Indy told me that LV didnt even make an Aurelia GM when I went in January AND February. I had to make them look it up in the computer. The January visit they looked it up, but didn't "really" look so of course they declared that no Aurelia GM ever exisited. In February, I had to beg them to check again and swear over and over that I wasn't an idiot who imagined items on Eluxury's site. Of course, they located a few across the US when actually checking for me.
    There are few stores in the US that carry them in stock, but they ARE made and are authentic. Reps tend to think if they haven't seen the item in person, it must be an urban legend and they automatically say "Well it probably wasn't authentic". I HATE hearing that! Especially since we are talking about ELUXURY items! Geeze folks! :hysteric:

    But, I must say, I have never been treated anything but fabulously from LV as a whole even when I am arguing that I know a bag exists. lol

    I SOOO wish I lived near a big store. I've lived near big ones but wasn't a LV shopper then. What a waste!

    There, enough ranting. Thanks for this thread. ;)
  6. free bags
  7. HA HA HA... I think that's what we all wish for, loopy. :roflmfao:

    I mainly just expect the SA to know if not more, than just as much knowledge as I have about LV.

    I like for SA's to give me at least a smile and a friendly "How are you today?" when I walk in, which luckily happens anyway when I visit LV.

  8. Yeah hehe that was my husband messing about-would be good though!

    hes just reminded me our sa gave us lv carrier bags for my kids lunch bag hehe that was quite funny.

    Yep like you I just expect decent treatment and a smile,but we should get that any where not just LV.
  9. I expect at least friendly and helpful service.

    Now that I have a 'few' SAs, I am a bit more spoiled, and I expect to be greeted by name, and often they will hold something for me based on how well they know me...ie, when a new towel or scarf comes in, they hold it for me, since they know I like those....also, they have a good memory for what I have and like and will make recommendations based on that, like, "the scarf will look good on your blue epi" or "that's really close to your X, you should get something different".

    I must say my SAs take good care of me, but I am very appreciative of it too. I send fruit at the holidays, I brought in a get well gift when I knew one was going to have surgery. I always remember to ask after their kids, etc.
  10. Friendly and helpful SAs would be what I expect.
  11. Whenever I go into my local Louis Vuitton, I always am welcomed by many sales associates and many of them will greet me by my name. They always remember what I purchased previously so they'll make wise investments into my collection. The store manager knows what taste I have in clothes and will give great boutiques to try out. They have my best interests in mind. When I purchased an Alzer 80 suitcase - they said to have my driver watch it or someone might steal it when I check it in. But I don't expect a thing from them except for respect.
  12. I hate it when SAs follow you around or stare at you the entire time you are looking at something.

    i expect:

    friendliness, as i am prone to saying hi to just about everyone...haha
    knowledge of the lines, and sometimes a realization that i know my stuff too...
    no pressure (in whatever form that comes)
    willingness to suggest other options/give good advice

    my favorite LV SAs EVER were in seattle. they were very sweet, always attentive, and gave good advice. LOVE THEM!!!
  13. I expect friendly and knowledgable (sp??) service and I expect the SA to give me to give me their honest opinion on what looks good and what doesn't (that's what mine daoes! haha)
  14. I expect good product knowledge and basic service, no more or less from other retail shops.
  15. I honestly feel so spoiled by the GREAT LV staff at the Scottsdale Fashion boutique...seriously every SA is soooo sweet and friendly.

    The only other LV boutique I have ever been in is the Fashion Valley, San Diego one where I had great service, and the NM counter at that same mall which WASN"T as great...the guy was kind of 'stuffy'.

    Also, I had to order 2 Leapord bandeaus for myself and Stefania from the South Coast Plaza store, and they were SO GREAT over the phone! :smile: