What kind of service at Coach do you usually get?

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  1. Okay, so I went into the closest boutique from my place today and purchased Mr. Snail and the 3D strawberry. I was so happy with the goods but the service was...hmm...interesting :yucky:. Granted, the service I usually get was mediocre at best, but my experience from that store today now tops all previous ones :wtf:. When I went today there were other customers there, and two SAs were busy helping them, so I thought I would go to the one that looked free. Big mistake! After looking around the store at the new floorset, I took the 3D strawberry and Mr. Snail and asked if she could get it from the back for me. The SA asked if that is all, and gave me gave me this dirty look that said, "Well, that's all you're buying?" Well, yeah? What's it to you? It's not good enough to spend $90+ after tax on two keyrings? I bought the two keyfobs, and after the purchase went outside to put Mr. Snail on my bag, when I noticed the one I got was really dingy, with a very obvious patch of dirt on its neck that cannot be rubbed off. So, needless to say I went back to the boutique and asked for an exchange. The SA who helped me took the snail, looked at the patch of dirt, tried to see if she can rub it off, hesitated, then went to the counter where the other two SAs were still busy helping other customers with their orders and asked one of them what she should do. Well, an exchange? :shrugs: In response to the other SA she said "But I already took the tag off", and finally the SA at the counter said "OMG (not sure if she thought I was too picky too from her tone), just give her another one!" The rude SA went to the back, took a long time, then came out with another Mr. Snail; when I said thank you, she just rolled her eyes at me! For just having spent $90+ on two keyrings at her store? Is it too much to ask for a keyring that's not soiled? :shocked: After today I think I will either travel to the farther boutique (which is sad, because the closest Coach store is only 10 minutes away from my place by walk) or stop buying from Coach altogether (even sadder). Are the Coach services just really bad in general, and what I got was nothing out of the ordinary? :shrugs:
  2. That is too bad. :tdown: I have heard a lot of people on here say they have had terrible service, it's a real shame. :nogood: I have to say I have been to all of the outlets in Las Vegas, Primm, NV, and California as well as boutiques in Las Vegas at Fashion Show Mall and Caesar's Palace and a couple of others and have nothing but rave reviews. :tup: The staff is nothing but nice and makes me feel welcome everytime, no matter what I buy or don't buy. :tup:
  3. That's too bad. I get the same poor service at my boutique, too. When they actually do help me (which is rare), I get snooty service whether I'm buying 1 keyring or a $700 bag. My outlet on the other hand has the best service of any store I've ever been to. The manager always greets me and compliments whatever bag I'm carrying. All of the salesgirls are helpful, but not pushy at all. I dread having to go into my boutique, but love going to the outlet.
  4. I don't understand where these SAs get such awful attitudes!! It's not like they are doing you a favor-it's their JOB to serve you and to serve you with a pleasant manner. I would complain to a manager and to the Corporate Office about such shabby treatment.

    I have to say that most of the time I get very good service at Coach. I don't think I would be buying from them if I was treated poorly.
  5. I "usually" get pretty good service at Coach but that's when I have my kids with me. It's either they are really, really helpful or that occassional nasty look b/c I "apparently" look like a 19 year old than a 30 year old mother of 3 young children.

    If I go alone, it's the same thing, either SA's are swarming around or no one pays attention especially when I bought my Hamptons Signature Small Hobo. I had to go the cashier and tell her that I wanted to buy the bag and she had asked if anyone had helped me, I told her honestly that no one had come up to me to see if I they could help me.
  6. I'm really sorry this happened to you! Sadly, many people are becoming dissatisfied with the level of service they are receiving in boutiques. I've been shopping at the same store for several years. (and I've always had wonderful service)The same SA has worked with me for all that time. Whenever something new is coming out or a bag I am interested in arrives before the floorset, she calls to let me know. Whenever I am looking for something I call her. When she is not in, I ask when she will be in next. Well...that was never an issue...until NOW. I called my store today and asked for "her" and was told she was not in. I asked will she be in tomorrow? The unidentified SA voice said "I'm not permitted to disclose that information" (in a monotone alien voice). So I said, "I ONLY shop with "Her". Will she be in tomorrow?" To which the alien replied (take me to your leader) "Can you please hold while I get my manager?" So the manager comes on the line and she just happens to be the sweetest woman in the entire company. So "Her" will not be in tomorrow and I am seriously considering doing my shopping primarily on coach.com. (besides, I can usually order japan site items from JAX) There have just been too many "uncomfortable" events happening lately. PCE was just the start in a series of sucky events.
  7. I guess they're encouraging people not to shop at their boutiques and at their outlets then? :shrugs: I would love to go to an outlet but unfortunately they're nowhere near where I live, so if I were just purchasing small things like keyrings and charms I usually would just buy them from the boutique.
  8. I agree that service is very erratic - either really really SAs gushing all over you great, or my feeling that I am disturbing them by even being in the store. This last PCE left a REALLY bad taste in my mouth, and i told "my" SA as much today. Of course she apologized, etc, but I'm still not convinced that things will get any better. I have other stores I can go to, but this main one is in the mall that I am always at w/my kids, so its really an inconvenience to go elsewhere. I think I just wont expect anything anymore, will do alot of ebay shopping, and just go into the store when absolutely necessary.
  9. sweet sometimes,helpful most of the times, and ignorant here and there..i just have mixed feeling when i go to boutiques as well...like its unpredictable and u really got to watch your step whenever u step into one..it's also like u never know when they're gonna pounce on you..sheesshhh..:shocked:

  10. I get very very bad service from coach............that is the only thing I dislike about coach. My DH was telling me that coach SA thinks they are doing a favor by selling to us...........he seriously things that is there attitude. I think their business is down or they are too proud of them. I decided, after I buy something I will open the box in front of them, check it and then leave from the store so I never have to do an exchange or return. after saying all this.........I do shop from coach as I love there bag.......but don't know how long that love will last
  11. Oh my gosh that is horribul! I can't believe they treated you like that! I have to say that I am really lucky, all of the stores I go to are wonderful and I get treated so great! Especially at the outlet I frequent.
  12. I've noticed that service is usually exceptional at Outlets. It CAN be great at boutiques but sometimes (especially if it's slow and I'm the only customer in there) I feel like they're annoyed that they have to stop talking to eachother and help me. You guys are right-it's very "hit or miss" :shrugs:
  13. I have been very happy with the service at my coach store. They are always very nice. If I'm looking for an item thats coming out, they will call me and let me know its available. They call me when PCE is coming. I purchased a wallet from them in Feb during PCE and when I left the store, I looked in the wallet and noticed a very tiny mark on the inside. It looked like a tiny pebble was stuck to the leather. I knew the mark would only get worse. It was very small but I knew it would drive me crazy. I went back in, my SA was assisting another customer, so I went to another and showed it to her. I said that I know its tiny but it will bug me. She said that she totally agreed and she would get me a new wallet from the back. They are always very nice.
  14. I second that! I go to the Las Vegas and Primm, NV outlets and they do whatever it takes to make you happy. I'm sorry you've had to experience rude SAs, especially at the retail Coach where you're spending full price! grrrr
  15. The SAs at the boutique I usually go to are very helpful! I only shop between two of them at the store but everyone that works there is pretty friendly.

    At the outlets near me is a 50/50, sometimes they are really helpful other times they don't even say a single word to me until I'm ready to purchase.
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