What kind of return policies do you have?

  1. I have to figure one out for when I sell a bag. Do people tend to buy from those who have liberal return policies? Is it a pain to have one?

    Just wondering what you experienced sellers do.
  2. I do not accept returns at all. I am too afraid of bait & switch - a fake bag is returned for a real one. I almost got caught out once when I checked a buyers eBay site & she had the same bag for sale in a fake.
    If your bag is authentic, absolutely as described & you post detailed pics there is no reason to take it back, the buyer sees exactly what they are buying.
    Furthermore it makes no sense to have a bag travelling all around the world just to come back again, too much bother, risk & loss of time & money plus you have to start all over again to sell the bag, just not worth it
    I have never had anyone not buy because I don't accept returns not that I know of anyway. I would rather they didn't buy anyway if the bag was going to come back to me.
    You have no guarantee that the bag won't be used either before return & once Paypal see that you have received the bag back they will give the buyer their refund so you can lose out badly if bag does not come back in good condition.
    Good luck!
  3. You might stipulate no returns but if a buyer felt like getting funny they would just file a charge back on their credit card , then you lose the bag and the money , use those security tags ( that you can buy on eBay) to help with switches on your bags , if the tag is removed no refund is possible . you have to cover all eventualities and be reasonable at the same time - no offence meant BagAngel , but after I have said no returns and been done for a charge back and got a fake bag returned after sending an original i learnt the hard way .Also take loads of photos for your personal protection .
  4. i've always had a no returns policy , i always state in my auction text that all sales are final, i agree with everything you said roz, too much hassle !
  5. I am confident in the items I sell, so I never accept returns. ever. I am not Macys or Neimans. I take and post 12 pics for my auctions and encourage questions. I have NEVER, in almost 8 years had someone want to return something that I sold.
  6. I've never accepted returns, and I've never had a problem (knock on wood). I clearly state in my auctions that all sales are final. No one has ever asked me to return anything either.
  7. Agree with BagAngel, you won't know what kind of buyers you get. Instead complaint you in future, if your potential buyers have any doubt about auth, encourage them to contact caroldiva or mypoupette prior bidding
  8. I used to say all sales final, but then I got into people just completely ignoring that and filing claims with paypal for buyers remorse

    So, now I have a 30% restocking fee and I don't refund shipping (it's steep I know, but it makes people think twice about buyers remorse), I also put a tyvek wristband with my eBay name and "must be attached for return" written on it and I attache it somewhere where it cannot be tucked in or removed which takes away the worry of bait and switch

    it's a tough policy, but it seems to work and I've made a tidy profit on people returning stuff. If they want to return it that badly, I'm taking 30%.

    Hope that helps. I'm a silver powerseller with over 500 fb and most of that is selling.
  9. Thanks everyone for your input. I do like this policy and if you don't mind, I may adapt some of it. Thanks again!
  10. copy word for word if you want to. pm me if you want and I'll send it to you

    I put the complicated authenticity clause in there also so that people can't just yell fake (I have never sold a fake in my whole life). So if they can provide me a letter on company letterhead saying it's fake, I'll take the return.

    I know its tough, but it seems to work really well