What kind of "RED" is this paddy?

  1. Hello ladies,
    I am a little bit confused with the wine red and the rouge. The paddy on this pic should be rouge, right? :rolleyes:

    Maybe wine red owners could post some pics for comparison? Thanks in advance! :flowers:

    ps: in which year are the wine red and the rouge produced? :rolleyes:
    1d_1.jpg 92_1.jpg
  2. The pic is rouge! Which is a current color.

    The grenat (or bordeaux) was an 05 color.

  3. That is a beautiful colorof red!
  4. Thanks hm! :flowers: I am sure this is not grenat because grenat is not kind of bright but dark/grey red. But are ROUGE and WINE RED the same color? :rolleyes:
  5. You are right, Janicemph, the red is such a rich color! I just do not sure if it is too bright for me...Well, I have already one paddy in choco and another one in vanilla, do you think red would be a good choice to be the next? :rolleyes:
  6. I think it would be gorgeous addition to your collection :yes: I saw a baby paddington in this colour in store and it was a beautiful pure and bright red, pretty much like liptick red - it really made the hardware pop out :drool:
  7. Right, sonja, it is such a PURE red! :jammin:You know the paddy lover problem, once get one paddy, cannot help thinking to get another.:girlsigh:

    How about WINE RED then? How does it look like? :angel:
  8. Now I just realized something; if it's 05 maybe it's grenat then..? It is gorgeous and rare colour but definitely more like wine /bordeaux red in real life:rolleyes:
    On all about paddingtons thread (on chloe reference forum) there's pictures of Stratsey's grenat paddy, also macp6 has a hobo in same TDF colour:love: I think they're on the 1. page there, check them out :yes:
  9. this looks like my red paddy, which was bought in '05.. I tink its rouge! the current red is different from mine. I saw it in stores , its a tad brighter!
  10. you mean ROUGE is not a 05 color??? I read the thread and found out grenat is not so bright like this one. Grenat is kind of grey tone in it.

    Is yours called ROUGE? Could you post pics of your red paddy, I'd like to see them, thanks londondolly! :love:
  11. Ok it looks like I'm wrong again (sorry) - there has been some rouge on 05 too, so it's definitely not grenat then :shame: Does this mean there are 3 different red paddington colours..?
  12. I thought there was a "lipstick" red (rouge) and a "wine" red (grenat) produced in 2005. Now this year they are releasing a color similar to 2005's "lipstick" red and it's called rouge as well?

    I'm a noob so someone correct me if I'm wrong here!! :shame:
  13. Absoultely red is one of my favorite colors. Red is considered a neutral, and it is the color for the season. I am waiting on my red to arrive any day now. :wlae:
  14. Right, sonja, besides rouge and grenat there is one new red color from the lastest collection. Audrey, I do not know the exact name of this color (although I have seen it in person) and just call it "tomate red".:lol:
  15. Nice! Hope it arrives as soon as possible! Post some pics when you get it! :love: