What Kind Of Phone Do You Use

  1. I make love to you long time.
  2. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  3. :worried: :worried: :worried: :worried:
  4. WE DON'T CARE UNLESS IT IS IN A GREAT BAG! do us all a favor and follow the rules of this site.:evil:
  5. :evil:

    Vlaaaadddd, where are you?
  6. he's out on a hot date! LOL
  7. :lol:

    Ack! We need some banning action here!
  8. I'm here hun, don't despair, gettin' right on it!
  9. Thanks, I saw it's been edited :biggrin:

    Spammers :suspiciou
  10. "I make love to you long time"?? Ha ha ha!!! :lol::lol::lol:

  11. Ahhh that editing power Vlad--if I were you I'd make them say really silly things, "I sell authentic foot powder." "I have public flatulence problems" OK, looking for a brown hobo that's affordable for hours while drinking a fabulous Shiraz has clearly clouded my sense of humor!
  12. Haha thanks I'll keep those in mind for next time.
  13. crazy folks