What kind of music is everybody listening to these days....?

  1. Also what was your last CD purchase or download?

    My last download was Gnarls Barkley song "Crazy". That's a cool song. :P
  2. My last CD purchase was the newest Fields of the Nephilim album, Mourning Sun.
  3. i listen to what my friends tell me. lol.

    my last cd purchase was: Christina Aguilera - Back To Basics
    my last download was a techno house remix my dj-friend did for august.

    but really though, i prefer adult contemporary and the like. i like pop/bubblegum pop for dancing/clubbing, but not for regular listening. my top cd/artists in my cd library/ipod are: christina aguilera & celine dion.

    ive also been listening to a lot of The Fray lately. their "How to Save A Life" album is so good.
  4. download: How We Operate by Gomez:jammin:

    purchase: The Eraser by Thom Yorke (of Radiohead):jammin:
  5. I don't download music. I'm still attached to the whole presentation with artwork on CD or LP.

    I think the last time I bought music, I bought Black Sabbath "Paranoid" because I don't have it on CD, a Moss Icon anthology, and Boris "Pink."
  6. The last CD I downloaded was Corinne Bailey Rae's self titled album. I love it! :love:
  7. Silje Nergaard's The Essential...
  8. Buttons by the Pussycat Dolls....the lyrics are sexy :smile:
  9. Last CD Purchases: [purchased at the same time]

    First Impression of Earth- The Strokes
    Breakbeat Science Exercise 1- DJ Dara
  10. last download: paulo nuitini- jenny dont be hasty im loveing him at the moment

    and last CD snow patrols laters one
  11. I listen to alot of 80s.

    But my last cd purchase was FRANKIE J's UN NUEVO DIA...

    ....people at walmart looked at me funny for buying a Spanish cd probably bc I was Asian?

    Sheesh. I LOVE Frankie J. He's hot.;)
  12. The last CD I bought was "Punk Goes 90s", a compilation of 90s alternative songs that were covered by different contemporary punk bands. It's a good sing-along-to-while-you're-driving CD :jammin:
  13. I dont know when is the last time i brought an actuall CD ,m But i just DL

    Fergis- London Bridge
    Gnarls Barkley -Crazy
    Justin T- Sexy back
  14. Any favorites while doing cardio or working out? Mine is "Pump it" by the BEP, it gives so much energy :smile:
  15. Wow! That is the exact same CD I was going to recommend! Isn't it terrific? I have played it every day for the past three weeks! I love her voice!