What Kind Of Movies Do You Like ?

  1. I'm a bit of a scaredy cat, so i don't do well with horror movies. I'm not a science fiction fan either. But i do like action and romantic movies.

    How about you ?
  2. comedy
    art movies
    sci fi

    in that order
  3. Yeah ! I forgot about comedy, i love a good Peter Sellers movie *The Pink Panther * is one of my favourites.:heart:
  4. Romantic comedy :shame:
  5. comedy, i love a good laugh and thriller, suspense movies keep my mind active;
  6. I enjoy pretty much any genre of movie. If it's a good movie that captures my attention, I will watch it.

    Not much into horror movies or sci fi, though. Unless it's an intriguing sci fi.

    My dates are always impressed that I enjoy a good action movie. :supacool:
  7. I love scary movies! Then comes comedy and romance :heart:3

    But it's difficult for me to watch any movie with a rape scene :Push:
  8. I love movies!! I'll watch pretty much anything...independent/art movies, foreign, documentary, action/sci-fi, comedy, etc. If I had to pick one, though, it would be independent/art movies. I'm not really into most chick flicks and Oscar season major studio dramas that are all pomp and circumstance but not as good as many indie movies. I also love Lifetime channel original movies, the cheesy ones.
  9. i just love going to the movies... but i hardly go these days... but it looks like im going to be often NOW!!! woo hoo... thank goodness for cheap tuesday... well, i like a bit of everything apart from sci-fiction and certain doc-o's... anything to do with war i won't see... i still cant watch BLACK HAWK DOWN... i always get up to ONE scene and i turn it off...
    - scary/horror movies (i'll only watch these if im with my friend, jess -shes like my horror/scary movie buddy)
    -chick flicks
    - AND esp. LOVE cartoon ones!!!
  10. don't know why but i :heart: horror movies! LOL!
  11. I like all types of movies, but I usually watch comedies the most.
  12. I hate scary movies, I screamed and screamed at the Village, which admittedly wasn't all that scary but I'm a wuss.

    My favourite are documentaries, I feel like they're the most bang for buck since you're getting real information. I really like artsish movies as well, my fave all time movie is American Beauty.
  13. I enjoy romantic comedies the most. I also like action movies. I LOVE Al Pacino. I'll watch just about anything he is in. Great actor IMO. Like you, Pradasmeadow, I'm not a fan of horror flicks especially the ones about the devil. I couldn't even watch the commercials for The Omen. It scared the heck out of me. I know, I'm a wimp.
  14. I love chick flicks!! No scary movies for me =)
  15. I love horror movies.....I'll pretty much watch absolutely anything EXCEPT romantic comedies.