What kind of milk do you drink?

  1. Skim for me.
  2. 2% :smile:
  3. skimmed milk! x
  4. semi skimmed. rarely have it though because i dont eat cereal regularly.
  5. definitely Whole Milk
  6. Organic 1% or skim milk.
  7. light soy
  8. Whole Milk
  9. whole milk...its bad i know but i dont drink it alot

    does anyone have a problem with soy milk?? I always wanna drink it bc its good for you but it makes me loose my voice:confused1:
  10. Don't really drink milk... but with cereal... Lactaid milk, in purple, I think it is the skim version. The other stuff makes me sick!
  11. 2%
  12. Skim or 1%. 2% tastes like cream to me - and don't even get me started on whole milk!!

    While we were on vacation in the Alps, I drank whole milk that was straight from the farm. GOD that that taste good! Can't even compare it to store bought
  13. 2%, only because I drink A LOT of it...I prefer Whole milk though
  14. Skim
  15. I drink semi-skimmed! and quite a lot lol