What kind of LV gal/guy are you, classic or contemporary?


Do you like more traditional bags or more contemporary?

  1. Traditional Girl/Guy

  2. Contemporary Chick/Fellow

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  1. I've been thinking about the new Fall 07 show today and was wondering how many of us like the more traditional, classic bags like the Speedy, Alma, Noe, etc. and how many of us prefer the more "wild" bags like the lepoard, the runway fur bags, etc.

    Do you fit the bag or does the bag fit you, kwim?
  2. I am definitely traditional:yes:
  3. I little of both but I prefer the more unusual shapes or colours so I guess I's say more contempory
  4. I only buy the classic styles-I want my LV to be wearable forever.
  5. traditional :yes:
  6. Definitely traditional! :heart: the classic styles!
  7. Traditional! I don't think I'm traditional in the way I dress, but I just don't like LV's crazy and wild bags that I guess would be considered "Contemporary."
  8. I'm also traditional! But some of the trendier things do grow on me. Like the cerises and miroir line. I couldn't pull them off but love the bags themselves and appreciate the details about them.
  9. I lean toward traditional. I tend to be more attracted to the classic styles, shapes, colours. However, I do appreciate some of the more contemporary bags as well.
  10. i can't decide, as i love it all. I have tons of the traditional, but also recently purchased the leopard stephen.
  11. Traditional. In everything. Handbags, wardrobe, lifestyle, etc.
  12. I chosse none because im kind of both for example I love the Damier Geant line wich is verry contemporary but I also like the more mature stuff like hermes...
  13. Traditional
  14. More traditional than contemporary since I attracted to the bag that simple yet classic, so I can wear my bag anytime :yes:
  15. Traditional :smile: I want something I can carry now and my daughter can carry in 20 years!