What kind of luck will I have finding this?

  1. I want a vintage jumbo. Unfortunately, I really want one in beige with gold HW. I have been looking for quite awhile without luck and it seems pretty rare. Does anyone know how to go about finding this bag or is it something I should give up on and look for a black gold HW instead?
  2. I know I've seen these pop up on eBay every once and a while. And I don't think the demand is as great for it, so it should be easier to snag at a good price. Definitely don't give up on it!
  3. Do you want caviar or lambskin? I see more caviar beige jumbos on eBay than lambskin...but don't give up! ! It will appear and you'll be thrilled.
  4. I just saw a brown vintage lambskin with gold hardware the other day....forget where it was! Maybe eBay?!
  5. I would prefer lambskin but I would buy caviar if the rest of it was great.