what kind of leathers to buy for a non-vip?

  1. Hi,

    please help me to understand the following...

    I am looking to buy a SaD in brown and asked you about the leather to choose. thanks for your help in the other thread. making my mind I was choosing Box chocolat or Ostrich same color.

    So I was calling the H headquarter to see what they actually have to put aside for me so I don't come for a nothing...

    The answers were quite disappointing: "the only one in dark brown we actually have is one in Fjord" - they could find one other in Clemence in an other store in Paris.

    Because most of you insisted of getting it in Box I asked if I could order one being in the store then. SA told me it would be possible only in May and not earlier, so I would need to come back later in the year to place my order. But given the shortage of Box leather in general - they told me it would be very hard to get any Box leather - it could take up to 3 years - yes three years - to get my bag.

    asking for ostrich and Barenia I was told that they don't take any orders because they can not foresee any date of being delivered with the skins...

    in your opinion and experience: is there any chance for me to get the bag I am looking for this year?

    the other kind of leathers which are more available like the Fjord or Clemence, are they lower quality than the other leathers?

    Why is it so hard to get the right leather for H or do they just pretend to keep a shortage of products in the markets and keep on raising prices?

    would you know any dedicated person at 24, Faubourg that could help me in my request who is specialized in SOs?

    any comfort and help is appreciated...
  2. TK - all H leathers are of the highest quality.

    Fjord is lovely but different from Box. It would only depend on what look you really desire.

    Can I suggest having a look a "hermesgroupie's leather book" in the reference section to help with your decision.

    Best quality box calf has been in rather short supply lately and thus box bags are rarer this is why your SaD would be difficult to order.

    There is no conspiracy or "pretending". It just comes down to whether you can wait the quoted time for Box or whether a Depeche in Fjord or Taurillion Clemence would suit you.

    Best of luck :smile:
  3. Hi Handybags,

    thanks for your reply. I do exactly know what I want... Box or Ostrich.
    Fjord would be available though.

    the problem for me is no t wait for the item required, but even not being able to ORDER it.

    So you might be right that for ordinary people the choice might be: take what's there or leave it.

    and that is exactly what I wanted to ask about. do you need to be a VIP to be able to order what I want....

    I might end up with a SaD clemence right, but only because it seems like I can't order what I really want....

  4. TK - FSH isn't necessarily the best place to go to place an order. I have found that other H stores - sometimes outside of France - are sometimes more open in allowing you to place an order in a specific leather. FSH is so big it doesn't often allow this. They certainly don't "hold" bags for anyone, permit purchases over the phone or allow you to place orders not in person. I think this last point applies to all H stores.

    Why don't you try London and see if you can place an order there for your desired bag???
  5. thanks for the hint, Grill
  6. They have a chocolate brown Sac a Depeche with Gold Hardware at Wall St. or Madison Avenue (can't remember) in NYC in BOX CALF. Ask for it to be transferred or buy it over the phone and have it shipped.
  7. This is NOT the normal practice for clients with no relationship with the store. And it's also not offered to everyone. So please don't expect it, and then be disappointed.

    TK, I hope you find your bag soon.
  8. yes, experienced the same. Once I "mail-" ordered a H Belt in the Paris Store with a buckle they don't offer here. Took me some nice words in French and the SA helped me out. Then it came up to a bag and that's where thy stop they told me... you have to be sur place - no way out.

    the problem with NYC will be that there will be lots of duties and local taxes if you want a bag sent back to Europe - strange enough keeping the fact in mind that the items usually are cheeper in France....

    I don't care a buck up or down but paying up 20 or more percent and a lot of hustle with the customs office - I think that's not worth it...

    thanks for your help anyway.