What kind of leather is this-Rogue shoulder bag in Midnight Navy?

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  1. I received Rogue shoulder bag in Midnight Navy and I am a bit puzzled. Coach description online says "grain leather". It's definitely not nice thick pebbled leather of Rogues 25 that I have.

    I really like Rogue shoulder bag. I have 2 Rogues 25. While I like the size a lot, they are still not very light (around 2 pounds) and too wide to comfortably carry on my shoulder. I live right across from Manhattan and don't own a car. I walk for miles and can't have a bag that's heavy.

    Coach doesn't seem to have many medium size lightweight (under 2 pounds) options in 1941 category. I considered Page 27 but it's still not very light and I want to have an easy access to my phone and other things and not deal with a flap.

    I first bought Rogue shoulder bag in Beechwood smooth leather. I absolutely love it! It's light (around 1.6 pounds), the leather is unbelievably soft and beautiful. I usually don't care for gold hardware on my bags but I think it looks subdued and sophisticated on this bag. And the chains don't make noise. The bag is also much easier to carry on my shoulder as it's not very wide.

    For all these reasons I decided to buy another one in Midnight color. When I received it I wasn't happy with the leather.

    I have no idea what type of leather this is but it definitely doesn't feel luxurious like leathers on other Coach 1941 bags. Can it be cross grain leather? Is' not stiff though.

    If anybody has a Rogue shoulder bag in Midnight or Black what do you think about the leather and what kind is it?
    Here are some photos of the two shoulder Rogues and comparison photos with Rogue 25 in pebbled leather. Thank you! IMG_5808.jpg IMG_5816.jpg IMG_5819.jpg IMG_5826.jpg IMG_5827.jpg
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  2. This is similar to channel caviar leather, which is slightly treated on the surface so it supposed to be stronger & stiffer than pebbled leather and it's scratch resistance, even thought it’s lighter (thinner).
    I do not dislike this type of leather actually i hope coach can keep using this leather on more product.
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  3. No, it’s different leather than polished pebbled leather. I personally do not like polished pebbles leather, it’s not very durable in some case. just cheaper / thinner version of rogue pebbles leather.
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  4. It doesn't feel stiff, just no leather like to the touch. I haven't seen Market Tote in a while but from what I remember it was stiffer than this leather.
  5. I am not familiar with Channel caviar leather but if this Rogue has the same type of leather I wouldn't mind it either. The bag does seem to be durable. I received it without any packaging, only the box yet it doesn't have any indentations or scratches. I feel like it will be my workhorse, I wouldn't baby it as my other Rogues. I also welcome that it has smooth leather interior, not suede. Easier to clean and it feels very soft and nice.
  6. Hi!
    It is a grained leather, not cross grained though. Cross grained has a wax coating over it while the grained leather does not. It is a very durable leather and you will not see scratches/wear on it compared to the glovetanned or pebble leather.
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