What kind of leather is my Birkin?

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  1. Can someone help me to identify the leather of my Birkin? I am not sure if it Togo or Fjord. Thanks. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1390883152.844018.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1390883179.360534.jpg
  2. very crisp togo to me .hope it helps darling !
  3. it looks togo to me.
  4. Looks like togo to me as well. Gorgeous grain. :hbeat:
  5. Clemence? Your Birkin is luscious!!!
  6. Thanks everyone.
  7. Definitely not Fjord- but the grains look larger than what you typically see with Togo and Clemence is usually flatter. My guess would be Togo or Clemence but it's impossible to say for sure from a picture. It doesn't say on the receipt?
  8. togo. orange doesnt exist in fjord.
  9. Togo. Not slouchy enough for clemence
  10. I think it's Togo. The grains are much larger these days.. doubled or tripled in size comparing to Togo 10 years ago.