what kind of leather is good for a white kelly?

  1. Thanks:heart:
  2. most white bags are either epsom, clemence or swift. personally i would try for a clemence toile combo..........more forgiving. i HAVE owned three Hermes bags in white. I dont recommend it.
  3. i think clemence is a good suggestion.
  4. epsom as it is a bit more forgiving (aka can wiped down etc) also epsom holds its shape wonderfully if you want a sellier (rigide) kelly.
  5. ITA epsom is forgiving and I also like swift. I find the large grains in the Taurillion Clemence also collect dirt after time and this leads to a general "greying" of the white. White Clemence would be my last choice.
  6. Epsom. Easiest to keep clean. That said, I am not daring enough to try it.
  7. I Have To Agree With The Epsom.
  8. Yes, I agree!

    ms piggy, if you're reading this, wasn't this what I said about the white epsom double tour bracelet?
  9. :yes: MrsS, when I first read this thread I immediately thought of the white epsom double tour bracelet. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. :heart: I too think it would work beautifully for the Kelly.
  10. Although I don't like Epsom, one of my SAs has strongly recommended Epsom for white bags because of the wipe-down benefit and it tends to give a really crisp look to the white.
  11. I love Lumine's white epsom HAC and mspiggy's bracelet. I think this would be my leather of choice when the time comes for a white bag too. For other colours this leather would not be my choice.

    I keep having a white bag/ghw combo dream. *drools*
  12. I hope your dream comes true real soon! ;)
  13. I am just happy that I am not alone in my view about white epsom, that's all. :p

    You have yourself a fab double tour bracelet. It's elegant enough to be worn to the office! :tup:
  14. Here's a close up pic of the White Epsom double tour bracelet. Imgaine this colour/leather on a Kelly. ;)
  15. Clemence is gorgeous. The saturation of the white really pierces through.