What kind of leather for a sac a depeches?

  1. Hi

    I am planning to buy a sac a depeches :yahoo: and actually don't know what kind of leather would fit best to the style, format and function of this briefcase. :confused1:

    I do have other bags in taurillon clemence cafe and think of getting a fitting briefcase in the same leather/color. saw one IRL in orange but wonder if a more stable leather wouldn't be better.

    what do you think of Barenia leather? do they actually make it?

    important is that it is a (dark) brown color with silver HW.

    thanks for your help in advance and all suggestions are appreciated.

  2. I love this briefcase. I think it is most classic in box leather. It will develop a patina, but can be restored to as good as new by H if need be. I don't really know the colors box comes in.
  3. I was going to say box leather myself!
  4. Box calf and I'm pretty sure you should be able to find one in brown. It would be gorgeous!!!!
  5. This bag is great in fjord or vache liagee - these two leathers are very sturdy; stiff without being heavy.
  6. The one and only thing I've ever liked in ostrich (sorry, ostrich lovers!) was a Sac a Depeches 41 in gold with GHW. I don't know what it was but it was magical.
  7. I'm finding it hard to even conjure up a mental image of that!
  8. My boyfriend has one in barenia so yes ,they do make them in barenia. But it has a G stamp on it, not sure if Hermes make them in barenia now.
    I think men's briefcase looks best in stiff leather, something like box or vache liagee.