What kind of leather does the Evelyne come in?

  1. I know it doesn't come in ostrich and croc, obviously, and the only one I've seen is in clemence. What other leathers does it come in and what do u think is the best leather for an Evelyne? TIA!
  2. I've also seen epsom and Barenia, while rare, it has been known to pop up. To answer your question about the most beautiful leather, well, that is a subjective question and if you can, I recommend you go to the nearest boutique and try them on. It all boils down to what your tastes are.
  3. arnott - I love the Evelyn in clemence, I think it suits the style of bag...however...although I've never seen a Barenia Evelyn in real life, 24 had one, and the pic was DIVINE!!!!!!
    I love them the most in the toile combos.....but I am a true toile lover, I'm afraid!
  4. I have a pre-owned one in the discontinued Vachette Ardennes.
  5. Comes in :
    Toile and barénia

  6. I have the Evelyne in Taurillon Clemence and love it. It is very soft and pliable and I think that helps in making the bag very comfortable to wear. It's just so "yummy"!!
  7. Vibrato too. Lovely!
  8. :yes: I saw one in vibrato/box calf today! :heart:
  9. It comes in Box, too, although I've rarely seen it.
  10. I had this bag in Epsom for about a day and really recommend a softer leather like Clemence or Togo, or any of the others SP listed for this style of bag; it just molds to the body better...the Epsom was a bit too rigid.
  11. Orchids, I had an Evelyne PM in Epsom, too. It definitely was too rigid. I agree, Clemence, Togo, and a softer piece of Barenia mold to the body better.
  12. I second GFs recommendation. The Evelyne lends itself to the squishy softness of Clemence.

    In rank of leathers of pliability for an Evelyne ( most to least):


    Keep in mind of the colors too. For example, Blue Jean in Clemence is much "richer" than epsom.
  13. Thanks everyone! Do all those leathers for the Evelyne cost the same?
  14. Hmm, I've only seen Clemence and Epson. Clemence is a little too squishy for me. I wonder what Togo is like! :nuts:
  15. HI I have an Evelyne in cyclamen epsom and I love it. The leather has a beautiful sheen and still looks as good as new. I use her everyday rain, hail or shine.