What kind of leather does Gucci use??

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  1. Hi, I saw on bluefly a canvas wallet that had pink leather accents. The description said it was pigskin. Does Gucci use pigskin as their leather?? I would really want to know if my bag's leather is pigskin, I would rather not have it on my bag. Please let me know any info you all may have. TIA!!
  2. ^Is there a reason you do not like pigskin? (don't know the answer to your question though)
  3. The gucci bags I have all have calf-skin. Bluefly may have their description wrong..I havent seen any gucci with pigskin but I haven't seen all their stuff.
  4. Abbeys are made with pigskin, I believe. They are quite stiff.
  5. Are you serious?!!! I have an abbey bag!!! Please tell me that isn't true!!! The reason I don't like pigskin is that in our religion pigs are considered very dirty and unsanitary animals. We do not eat pork products and do not wear or use any pig products. How can I find out for sure about the leather on my Abbey bag...should I call a Gucci store to get a definite answer?:sweatdrop:
  6. Yes, I'd definitely call a Gucci boutique to confirm or call the customer service # on Gucci site.
  7. So I called two different Gucci boutique's today. They both confirmed that the Abbey collection is made with pigskin!!!!:tdown:

    So Im gonna try selling it on eBay and see if I can sell it there if not i'll return it to Bluefly. I seriously am soooooooooo BUMMED!! i was sooo loving that bag.:sad:
  8. I'm sorry to hear that. The Abbey with platino and gunmetal trim have different leather trim, maybe you can check them out?
  9. I'm sorry to hear that!!

    There's a number of Gucci goods that are made with pig skin, like the men's wallet attached. For future reference, the surface on the pig skin has tiny holes as seen in the pic.

    Like Beejerry said, there's other abbey's that comes in different leathers, so don't worry, there's a lot for you to choose from! :tup:
  10. Really? Wow. No wonder it was tough, I thought the leather was coated... I'm a bit disappointed though, somehow it feels a bit cheap to me! Do any other brands use pigskin on their bags? The abbey with platino trim is definitely calfskin though, because it's very, very soft and unfortunately, really delicate.
  11. Thanks girls! It is reallly dissapointing though, i got really attached to the ABBEY. And the price was soooo GREAT, i got it from bluefly with a coupon so got it for 36% off retail. im sooo bummed and now im trying to save up some more money to get another bag. Do anyone of you have a pic of the platino abbey. i really wanna see it.
  12. Yeah supposedly A LOT of designers are using pig-skin. I think there's some new Prada bag that is made all of pig skin. It definitely sounds cheap and i was very thrown off when i saw the leather. it looked fake cause the straps looked so weird. Im so annoyed....why do they have to use pig skin anyway?!!!!
  13. Here is my mom's abbey. The leather is much softer.
  14. Is this bag still available on Gucci.com? I see one that looks like it but its the small abbey.
  15. I believe it is still available, this is the cruise collect of 2007. This leather trim is quite popular because of the metallic trend. But I believe this will last longer than the trendy silver Guccissima. Both are equally gorgeous.