What kind of leather do you prefer?

  1. I've been reading a lot on the Balencaiga leather variations and what type of products everyone uses to condition or clean their bags. My question is: what is the usual condition of leather that everyone prefers? From the sound of it, people seem to like the really soft, smooshy, buttery soft leather. With new bags, does the leather seem more 'veiny' and hard and shiny?

    Reason I'm asking is because I just purchased my first bbag ever -- the lilac 06 twiggy. I love it so far, but I feel the leather is a bit shiny for my taste and maybe a little veiny. I wish I could take pictures to show you, but my camera is broken. I may be able to take some this weekend when I go home for Thanksgiving and borrow my sister's camera so you can see what I mean.

    I want my leather to be softer and more pliable I guess, and not as shiny. What leather product(s) should I use? I've read that some use Lubriderm lotion, but heard it can discolor lighter-color leathers. What about AppleGuard or the LVM products?

    Most important question: Does the leather soften up and become less shiny over time with use?

    Thanks and sorry this post is long!
  2. i'm wondering the same thing....i'd like to know what kind of leather do u ladies here like.

    i'm pretty new to bbags but also like kristinayulo said people seem to like the really soft, smooshy, buttery soft leather.

    most of the time on ebay, the sellers often say their bbags are very distressed and beautiful ..... isn't distressed the same as veiny????

    so my questions are,
    is distressed and veiny the same? If not, what's the difference? (pictures would be appreciated)

    personally i like it when it's a bit distressed and slouchy :smile:
  3. I condition my Bals every few months with Apple Leather Conditioner and the leather is definitely less shiny and veiny.

    I actually prefer a more veiny distressed look with a little shine. It makes my bags look very different than other leather bags out there.
  4. e_pinpin~ I was going to start a thread of what the difference was btwn veiny and distressed!!! What does everyone think is the difference?
  5. I think it's depends of the colour for me !!!
    For true colours (Black / Red...) I like leather : thick, smooth, unveiny!!!

    For brownish colours I love the leather to be more veiny and distressed !!!
  6. slouchy, soft, thick, a little veiny, etc...all depends on the color
  7. i love both types of leather, don't bother me too much!! Beautiful to each own bag
  8. It depends alot on the color and the leather combo.. "veiny" and "distressed" are the same to me.
  9. i actually prefer used bag's leather :P
  10. I prefer (I think) the used leather. I think the more you use it the softer and smooshier it becomes.
  11. :heart:
    My favorite leather is from 05. It has no veins, is still shiny, but so soft and smooshy. I deffinitely do not like the veiny stiffer bags. For gals who have 06's and would like to soften them, and reduce veins, look at the attached thread where pf-er danae explains what she did to her 06 Lilac. Here are pics of my favorite bags. I have an 05 Turq Twiggy that I will get pictures up soon of, and an 05 Teal City I am still waiting to arrive. My Sky Blue has found a new home!

    img4213qp1.jpg img4068vt8.jpg img4143zw5-1.jpg
  12. Veiny and Distressed are the same things to me - and that is how I prefer my BBags! And the Shinier the better :P
  13. I feel exactly the same way! I love the way a broken-in b-bag feels; I don't know if I'll ever buy a b-bag new...hee hee.:shame:

  14. In my opinion veiny and shiny makes the bags I have seen look like plastic. I have seen some that are soooo veiny that they look like they will almost peel at the crack site. I have a 2006 Black City that I was told was probably made from 05 leather. No veins, distressing or anything. Its the thickest softest leather that I have ever felt. Its nicer than some of the 05 bags I have owned. My 2 Purses are very thick and soft also. The newer 06 bags I have ordered from Balny were thin, shiny and veiny. they were immediately returned or sold. I want soft leather. It can be thin, but it has to be soft. If the new 2007 leather is as bad as the 06 leather, then I wont be buying many Bbags next season. Good thread!
  15. I just bought my first b-bag, a cornflower city. The leather is shiny and veiny. It's not smooshy or buttery-feeling. But I like the shiny, veiny look. I guess it doesn't matter to me if the leather is buttery and soft because I like the look of the bag.