Tech What kind of laptop should I get for my dad?

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  1. Hi! I'm doing my Christmas shopping earlier than usual this year and I've heard my dad tell my uncle that he's thinking of getting a laptop.

    My mom wanted a Macbook Pro this year so I thought they could share it since they only use the computer to watch movies (my dad does a bit of browsing--but mainly watches movies). My mom changed her mind today and requested a purse (of course) so I need to think of a laptop I should get for my dad because my cousins usually come over and kick him off our desktop lol.

    I want to get my dad a Macbook mostly because *I* like them :P and I think it's nice, but my mom disagrees and says my dad doesn't care. I've only had laptops from Apple and I think they're great, but what about other brands? What do you think would be best for him?
  2. well if you want to save yourself about $1k then go with a PC, especially if all he does is watch movies on the thing. I have no problems watching tv shows or movies on my laptop and I spent less than $500 for an HP. however that is only for a 14 inch screen.
  3. Is he going to be watching Blu Ray or streaming HD movies? If so, you'd probably want to step up a bit when it comes to graphics. Like I:heart:Shopping said...if you want to save 1K, then go PC. :smile:
    A nice Dell midlevel laptop should do just fine. Something like this:
    An almost identical Mac starts a $1799.
  4. I'm a huge huge huge Mac fan but if ALL your dad is doing is watching movies, then I would save some $$ too and go for a PC.
  5. if your dad isnt very tech saavy and uses a computer for checking email browsing the internet and such then i would highly recommend an ipad! I purchased one for my dad and he finds it very easy to use and can take it with him easily.
  6. ILuvShopping - I think he's going to plug it in our 50" and watch it on there!

    Charles - No Blu ray movies, he downloads Korean dramas on the internet so I don't know! I just hear a lot of people complain about PC' how they take forever to start up, viruses and things but perhaps that's for the older models?

    - I'm a huge Mac fan too. Since the laptop will be much cheaper than a MBP, I'll probably get us a GPS system too..

    jjslice - Can you download movies on an iPad??
  7. can't download movies as in bittorrent or something, there are ways but you really have to know what you're doing. Apple is all about the apps and being paid. I tried Netflix out on it as they offer 1 month free, it streams pretty nice and they have a fair amount of new movies to choose from and is $9/mo for unlimited streaming.

    for watching movies on the tv I got an "acer aspirerevo" nettop to hook up to the LCD, costed me $200 brand new on amazon, all I needed was the HDMI cable and a wifi dongle. It's basically a netbook without a screen.
  8. PC used to take about 3 minutes to boot (but I'd leave it on 24/7, so it didn't really bother me). I just upgraded to Win 7 and it takes about 45 seconds now.

    As long as you're not installing a bunch of bloatware that installs to your startup routine, you should be cool. Printers and mouse utilities, for example, like to install their software in the startup routine, so you can print super fast. I don't really print a bunch of crap, so I don't care. I know for sure it's much easier to access your winconfig (which shows what routines are running at startup) in Win 7. I go in there and just check what's doing what. Clean stuff up, etc, etc. Do you have to do that on a Mac? Usually not, but again, I'd rather save a grand and check up every other month or so.
  9. i don't even turn off my laptop unless i'm traveling and sometimes i don't even do it then - i just close it and then it goes to sleep essentially so it doesn't use any of the battery.
  10. My Dell laptop is always in hibernate mode when I'm not using it, so I just shake the mouse and it comes right on. It's 3 years old now and I've never had a problem with it, and the 17 inch screen is really nice. If you want to spend an extra $200, you can also get him a 24" monitor to plug into it - I rarely take my laptop out and about so I use mine as a desktop replacement and have the 24" monitor plugged into it (and a keyboard/mouse too). Then, he has the option of using at the desk with a nice monitor or taking it anywhere with him.
  11. Charles - lol haha the first time I read over your comment, I thought you were talking slang........ and no, my dad downloads a movie then deletes it once he and my mom have finished watching it. I'm going to get them a mouse too because they get frustrated with the touch screen pad. And I only use my Mac to browse the internet, do homework and Skype/iChat so you're asking the wrong girl!:shame:

    boomie - My dad is going plug it in our 50" downstairs lol! Too big for me, but whatever floats his boat :P and I agree, dogs rule, hehe.

    Thanks everyone for your replies. I'm really excited for his present this year!
  12. doh, I missed the 50" TV part. That is AWESOME.
  13. Then make sure you get a laptop with an HDMI output.

    For the mouse...there's a pretty cool handheld mouse that I saw, specifically for laptops. It basically has a little joystick and a couple of buttons, but what was cool was that it somehow allowed you to type when you weren't using it and you didn't have to put it down either. It somehow attached to your hand. I'll see if I can find it.
  14. Charles - that sounds cool! I want it for myself.....:P I tried googling it, but all I came up with were controllers for Playstation. Please link it if you do find it!