what kind of laptop/school bag/work bag does a chanel gal carry?

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  1. I'm currently in law school and I'm tired of carrying my unstylish yet functional northface bag. I'm looking for ideas on a tote style bag that can hold my laptop and a casebook. Any ideas?

    I'd love to know what you guys use(d) even if its not specifically chanel.

  2. Honestly, I've yet to find a truly stylish laptop bag that I love. I have my MacBook Pro in a sleeve and then I either just carry it that way or cram it in to this Coach tote I use mainly for travel. It is big, functional and leather and it works. I keep looking for another bag but there just doesn't seem to be anything out there that I really want to spend good money on. :sad:
  3. I use my Chanel GST as my school bag to hold my notebooks and what not. Last semester I used my Chanel luxe ligne tote (pics can be found in the reference library).

    The GST is a great work bag, but I'm not sure if it would fit a laptop (depending what size your laptop is).
  4. Balenciaga courier
  5. I recently got the cerf tote. I fit a file folder in there to carry my work papers. I guess it would depend how big your laptop is for it to fit inside. I also have the GST and that also works for carrying papers. The cerf tote has a bigger middle compartment that would more likely fit a laptop.
  6. I carry my Paris Biarritz tote. It's perfect- lots of pockets, large enough to cram a ton of stuff (laptop, thick readers, textbooks, plus misc items). It's also very low maintenance.. I got mine on ebay for a great price.
  7. I carry my laptop in a Gucci men's beige monogram messenger bag (the one that is water resistant).
  8. I use my YSL Muse to carry my laptop around. It's roomy and pretty sturdy:smile:
  9. I use either my GST or my Goyard St. Louis... The Goyard is amazing, holds a ton and IMO is so cute.
  10. I either carry it in its sleeve (got a great one from Waterfield Designs in SF) or in my Balenciaga Brief. Though I agree the Balenciaga Courier, Chanel Biarritz tote and Goyard tote are great options (not much protection with the Goyard St Louis though). The Balenciaga Work is another option to look at (can you tell what forum it is I mostly hang out in?:P)
  11. I use the LV Batignolles Horizontal or my YSL Oversize Muse. I have been looking for a nice Chanel for school, and was considering the Cerf, but I'd be scared that the bottom would cave out and loose its shape due to the weight of the laptop.
  12. I use Goyard St Louis as my school bag. it seems to hold everything. But I am afraid to put my macbook in it, i dont wanna break the strap.
    kinda OT but Does anyone know if Goyard's strap is strong enough for a laptop?
  13. it depends...how many classes do you have and what course books are you carrying? On mwf I carry my gucci messanger AND my chanel GST because I have Property, Contracts and Crim Law and they have at least one crazy book but mostly 2/3 books each.....but t/th when I only have LRW and Civil Procedure I only carry my gucci messanger

    I looked for a hot chanel bag, but I could not find a cute messenger for the LIFE of me!! let me know if u do! :smile: if not seriously check out the gucci messenger, i LOVE it! it's sooo roomy and cute!