what kind of KEYFOB at outlet right now?

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  1. HI, coachies...do u have any idea about the keyfobs at outlet right now????? Two days ago, I just got a patent leather poodle keyfob for my small espresso sabrina......(may update pic tomorrow)OMG......it turned my classic sabrina to a trendy purse........so I am inteseted in collecting keyfob right now and try to find some for each of my purse:smile:
    Come on in ! let's talk about it!:heart::heart::heart:

    P.S. the poodle keyfob is on sale at macy, about 30%off. so mine is about$28 after tax
    the blue fish keyfob is about half price....$19.99 plus tax
  2. Oh yikes! I was at the Outlet a few days ago but I completely blanked out on the fob selections. But I do remember they have a boot keyfob with signature khaki with white fur on it. It's really cute, and I think it was around $30 at my Outlet.

    They also have fobs with little silver stars on it, as well. $24.

    My Outlet doesn't have a great selection of fobs though (Folsom Premium Outlets). I think the bigger the Outlet the better the selection. Hopefully the next poster can help you on that.
  3. thank u so much:heart:
  4. That sounds cute....can you post a pic of the bag wth the poodle on it?
  5. I know I saw a diff bulldog keyfob earlier this week at Leesburg.
  6. The Wrentham MA Outlet usually has a great selection of keyfobs... I am hoping to go there tonight on my way home from work..

    Last time I was there (couple weeks ago) I saw the Poodle Keyfob, Penguin, the Teal Satin CoinPurse, Red Butterfly, Several Letter charms, and some others that I am drawing a blank on....
  7. Mine had the teal coin purse, the boot, the penguin, the snowman, some stars, the poodle, lots of letters, and some valet fobs.

  8. *crosses fingers that cabazon has the coin purse!!!*

    the snowman, boot and letters have been at cabazon since at least the beginning of november.... i'm ready for something new!
  9. I got the red butterfly last time I was at my outlet. Those are probably coming out for spring.
  10. Mine had the poodle, penguin with purple scarf, skull head, several tiny picture book fobs in different colors, a small amount of foxes were left. Snowmen were reduced to $9.99. I really want the penguin with the purple scarf but lately I've been too cheap to pay $24 for a fob, maybe it's the recession setting into my conscience. Last year I bought the regular penguin with no scarf for only $9.99 so I got accustomed to finding better deals.
  11. i hear ya on the $24!!!

    cabazon had the teal coin purse.... i got it, but haven't decide if i will keep it or not.... i'm all about matchy matchy... and with the two purses i have, that pretty much means black..... (not too much matches well with the aubergine).... if i can get past the non patching or coordinating well.... no... not shade of teal is not a great coordinator with aubergine.... i'll keep it... at least i got an additional 10%

    they had the pink poodle and also a few of the breast cancer hearts.... lot of the mini photo albums..... and more the same old same old penguins... boots....

    also had a few of the shoe and snowman lanyards....
  12. wow,I am inteseted in getting one photo albums...and how much is the poodle at outlets?
  13. The poodle was 24 when it was at my outlet.
    It should be easy to find a mini photo album since those are usually available in various colors.
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    OH,yeah, and it is strange, at retail store. there are photo album in one or two different colors........and then I decide to keep the poodle I got from Macy(26.99)....

    here is the pic I took, small expresso sabrina with poodle keyfob on it:heart:
  15. My outlet always has crapola keyfobs. I think I saw a few snowmen, lots of those trigger snap-ones, both 9.99. They did have the teal coin purse one for $24.00, but I didnt really think I'd use it too often, so pretty that it is, I passed. They had some boots still $24.00, I think. Thats about it.