what kind of jeans do you have to have for this fall/winter?

  1. im guessing..
    slight flare
    skinny jeans
    trouser leg
    im only building my jean collection up now, i only started with a paper clothanddemin, a couple miss sixtys and joes jeans, so im still clueless about all the cuts and such. but what else is out there?
  2. Skinny jeans, it makes me look so much thinner.
  3. The vast majority of my jeans are bootcut. They flatter my body better.
  4. I will make sure to add a skinny pair or two to add to my bootcuts.
  5. Last year for me was all about the skinny jean, and I have definititely kept them so that I can tuck them into my boots again this winter, but I have also just bought a couple of pairs of slight flares, two inches too long so that they elongate the leg and I can wear them with my high heels :biggrin:. I love the dark coloured jeans for winter, and I have just purchased a pair of washed grey ones, which look cute with a silver belt that I have :smile:
  6. boot-cut or slight flare, 2 inches too long and definitely dark denim ( as I have thunder thighs). I always wear jeans with heels or clogs as I'm only 5ft ( and 1/2 an inch- the 1/2 inch matters!) Tried skinny jeans but looked horrendous- like I had 2 legs of ham attached to my torso. Had to give up on skinnies in the end. Sob- I wanted skinnies so that I could tuck my jeans into my boots- sooooo wrong for me- short people should not tuck jeans into boots- it is NOT a good look!
  7. some skinny jeans and a pair of RR boot leg.
  8. ahhhh phooey, I share your pain :biggrin:
    now, repeat after me........ the best things come in small packages, the best things come in small packages :lol:

    there are some advantages to being small, and when we find out what they are we can post them ;) :roflmfao:
  9. I just bought skinny jeans =)
  10. what are RR? which brand is the best fitting skinny jeans?
  11. Is it Rock & Republic ?
  12. All of my jeans have been bootcut but for the fall/winter, I've decided to try skinny jeans. I have bought three pairs: R&R Ciggy (which is a cropped jean), TR Billy and a Mavi Lindy.
  13. I would stock up on darker wash, bootcut or skinny jeans to tuck into boots.. I love that trend, it keeps the hems of my jeans nice and clean! :smile:
  14. darker wash skinny or straight legs!!!
  15. Darker wash in classic cuts and skinny jeans. I totally plan on rocking the European skinny jeans and knee high boots look.