What kind of jeans are "in" now?

  1. Looking to buy some new jeans. Should I still go for skinnies? move on to wide leg? help!
  2. Magazines SAY skinny jeans are in and wide legs are out. Honestly, I think whatever you want to wear is "in." I look horrible in skinny jeans so I like the bootlegs instead. If that's "out" right now, so be it, I wear what I'm comfortable in.
  3. I saw something the other day saying that wide leg/boyfriend jeans are already out.....I really pay no heed to these things and where what I want.

    If you like the wide legs then go for it. I don't think skinnies are going to drop off the fashion radar for a good while yet
  4. I think skinny are in for the rest of the summer. I like the ones by Rich and Skinny.
  5. I still hate the skinnies - I'm all about the bootlegs, and I'm cuffing 'em for summer paired with flip flops
  6. ITA, its all about the boot leg. so much more flattering, esp if you have booty or hips.
  7. I love bootlegs. I don't like skinnies but I actually bought one a few months ago from SFAM just to see how it fits. I still have the tag on. Whatever you look great in should be the idea of buying jeans.
  8. I think right now is a time when "anything goes" as long as it flatters your body type. As far as I'm concerned, dressing in a flattering way will always be in.
  9. ^^^ Oh yes!!
  10. Definitely. Wearing clothes that flatter your body will always look better than wearing the latest trend that doesn't fit you properly
  11. i hate skinnys, they make me look even shorter than i already am. wide leg jeans make me look like i went swimming in someone else's jeans. however, i think bootcut is almost universally flattering so i will stick with those whether they be in or out.
  12. you can never go wrong with bootcuts. lately celebs have been spotted wearing high waisted denim. id on`t think that looks too good
  13. There are a lot of fads, so I'd suggest buying mostly whatever style suits you best and then a pair of jeans that are really in style like skinnies [DON'T have to be skin-tight. You can get the same effect by going a size bigger than what's tight on you] or really wide legged pants.
  14. Ugh, I'm glad that wide legs might be "out." I have very short legs, and I'm relatively short as it is....and i have small feet (size 6) so, wide leg jeans make me look like all the "gangster" boys did a few years ago.....

    They all had those horrible Jnco jeans and they were all competing against each other to get the widest leg possible. Those stupid wide legs eat up my entire foot. Looking down and not seeing your foot? Not a good thing, imo.

    Anyway, I stick to straight leg (not skinny, they make my hips/thighs look huge) or bootcut.

    Let me take a moment to SHOUT OUT that the new William Rast jeans (Justin Timberlake's) are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I have the belle style, which is the pockets that protrude out of the back, and they fit so well, and look SO NICE.

    They just became my new favorite pair of jeans (and they were half off with Blue Roof Denim!).
  15. While I wear what I prefer ........I have grown to love the skinny jeans

    The brand I love is Rich and Skinny (good for all body shapes)