What kind of jacket do you wear with a dress?

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  1. I'm thinking that dresses do not look good with a short jacket, but I'm not sure what kind of jacket they would look good with.

    I have a casual black Juicy Couture trench coat...would that look strange when worn with a dress? Or would I need a dressier type of jacket to wear with a knee-length dress?
  2. I usually wear my one of my peacoats with my dresses. I like my coats to be long enough to cover the bottom of my dress.
  3. I think longer coats go well with dresses. It doesn't necessarily have to be longer, I quite like it when a bit of my dress is peeking out from underneath. If it has a nice line and cut then it should look quite dressy - if your trench buttoned and belted, it should look quite neat.
  4. if I am going to bring a jacket, like the other girls said, I will bring a longer winter coat , like a trenchcoat almost.
    Usually I only wear a cardigan though.
  5. Trench - definitely. I have a black one - but looks something like this:
  6. Personally I just throw on my really nice leather coat and that seems fine. But, Marni makes some GREAT coats that are meant to be worn with dresses and they look great. What jacket to wear with a dress will really depend on the cut of the dress. If it is a very volume-y dress, you could always try a blazer with a defined shape.
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    I wear trenches in leather, silk, wool, or cotton... (examples in that order)

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Or knit coats:[​IMG]Or statement coats:[​IMG]
  8. Btw, I think that sometimes dresses can look good with shorter jackets. (eg., Tux/Blazer jackets, cropped jackets, blouson jackets, cropped trenches)

    As well as long-line cardigans:

    :shame: HTH! :tup:
  9. I like trenches and cardies with dresses.
  10. I just think that jacket shouldn't be shorter that a dress or skirt.
  11. Blazers, cardigans or leather jackets.
  12. Trench coats, but A-line and other tailored coats will always look great. A lot of times you can buy a sheath dress with a matching coat, and the matching coat is usually just simple with buttons down the front and a 1 or 2 inch collar. Those always look great.
  13. leather jacket :tup:

  14. who made that dress?!
  15. Sorry I am almost 2 years late :shame: But it was a silk dress from Zara hubby bought for me in Rome.