What kind of iPod do you have?


What kind of iPod do you have?

  1. Video

  2. Nano

  3. Mini

  4. Photo

  5. Shuffle

  6. Older than that (don't know actual names! LOL)

  7. Other MP3 (Dell, Panasonic, etc.)

  8. Don't have one

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  1. Ok- I feel like I'm using a seriously antiquated piece of machinery when I use my iPod Photo 20 gig- it's only a year old but of course they've introduced like 2,000 new ones since then. I could get a new one, but I know that as soon as I did, there'd be a new one- that's why I haven't gotten one of the LV or Dior Homme iPod cases that I love so much. :cry: But anyway, I just wanted to see what y'all used! :biggrin:
  2. Ipod Mini, I basically just use it at the gym so it's perfect for me! Though I covet the bf's Ipod Video, so pretty...
  3. I want the 30 g video, but haven't bought it yet!
  4. Pink mini 4GB (the mauveish pink, not the bubblegum... the oldest one :P). It's such crap though... I had it changed TWICE while it was covered by the warranty and I wanted to change it again but for some :censor: reason, they wouldn't let me, even though it was still covered so I ended up not changing it and now the battery is ALWAYS dead... seriously, after 3-4 hours MAX, it needs to be charged :rant: Wish I could buy a new one but I need wayyyyyy too many things right now, a new ipod is the last thing on my mind :noworry:
  5. i absolutely cannot live w/out my ipod video! =)
  6. I have a green 4GB mini, and a black 60GB video that I got for Christmas. I use the green for podcasting in the car, and the 60 for listening to in the house and for watching videos when out. I love them both.
  7. i've got a mini and it's what, 2, 3 years old? i adore it and see no need to upgrade, especially since i hear such awful things about the nano.
  8. I don't have any. =( But it's better this way, I spend the $ on it to something I like and use better....a bag.
  9. I have a 1st generation, 3rd generation (with the row of buttons at the top) and a new video iPod. Do I win? :biggrin: :lol:
    I use the first two as portable hard drives, and the third for music and TV shows. Love my Daily Show multipass, esp. since I don't have cable. :P
  10. black nano 4 GB, tiny I love it !
  11. I have the 3rd generation 20GB iPod, ones that have 4 'buttons' on top of the touch wheel, and before they have click wheels (from about 3 years ago). While I LOVE it to death (don't care much for the click wheel) and use it as external drive & mp3 player, I am tempted to get the video iPod... But, I just can't justify the heartbreak I'd feel if they come out with a new model months from now :Push:

    Oh, and I used to have the 1GB shuffle as well but eventually sold it because I didn't find much use for it
  12. A pink mini, I don't think I'll ever be able to part with it. it's too cute!:love:
  13. My beloved U2 IPOD :love: . I had to get this.....I'm one of their biggest fans since their first CD.
    DSCN1999.JPG DSCN2000.JPG DSCN2003.JPG
  14. wow! pursemama what an awesome IPOD!
  15. My bf bought me the Ipod Nano. I loved it but now i want the Video ipod. :P