What Kind of Hermes Lady Are You?

  1. Are you the "gotta have it now" and do what you have to and get it?
    You know...scheme, sneak, get it before the next buyer, use your attributes, call every boutique you can, go to a reseller...whatever it takes!!!


    Are you the "patient"...I can wait as long as it takes kind of person?
    You know...plan, ask lots of questions, wait your turn, get on the list (LOL), find someone to help you, talk forever about your bag, keep saving, research more...believe that one bag will eventually come to you!!!
  2. I am definitely the "wait as long as it takes" type. I almost make myself sick!

    This is my year though...you heard it here first!
  3. well i am a bit of both ,if i like something i will ring up every boutique and get it ,but first i must research and find out everything about the item i buy
  4. i am running out of patience....just begin my aggresive hunting trip
  5. Unfortunately I am an instant gratification kind of gal...:devil:
  6. I have no problem waiting for the perfect bag. I just can't seem to compromise. As I see it, I have a lifetime to collect Hermes.
  7. Hmmm.....I think now that I've gotten older I'd say I'm more on the patient side, although if something rare comes up that was on my list....I am very quick to move.
  8. i want precisely what i want, with no compromises, immediately.

    i'm very good at finding exactly that, which is unfortunate for my bank accounts.
  9. Gotta Get it Now!!!
  10. I am definitely the instant gratification type - which is why I've bought so many bags that were ultimately wrong for me. So, I place orders for the perfect bags. One year goes by.... Two years go by.... So, I buy more and more bags that appear on the shelves (and on eBay and in consignment shops). I'm just afraid that when my SO's do come in I'll be tapped out! LOL!!
  11. i am an instant gratification person. which is odd because then i'll put it away in my house for weeks or months before i use it. i just need to posess it and make sure no one else does.
  12. I am a little of both. Since I don't live near an Hermes, I have to patiently wait for our next trip to visit the store. But when we get there, I am an instant gratification girl.

    I also have to "strike while the iron is hot", or otherwords, take full advantage of the SO's mood and bank account when it is rolling in a positive direction. But my patience pays off with other things so I know it will with Hermes.

    Although ... waiting for this damned Lindy is going to kill me. I really wanted to carry it for our vacation. I have one more delivery day to hope for it's arrival (Wednesday). Does that define me as an instant gratification girl then? Could be ...
  13. Normally, I am an instant gratification kind of person...especially if what I want is readily available. However, I am planning on purchasing my first Hermes (a Birkin) next Christmas when I am in Paris...so this is definitely a test of patience! I hope it will pay off :sweatdrop:
  14. i am both!
    i can wait. i have no choice. so i will wait - in that respect i am patient. i am not substituting, buying something that i can get now (chanel, etc.). i know what i want so i will wait for it. however, i would not put my name on a list and wait patiently. i mean, i'm waiting because on my end i have to, but i would not choose to wait if a store were telling me to. when i'm ready, i will buy it fast and will happily take one of 3-5 different choices. i'm only waiting now because i just do not have the money. if i had the money, i would have the bag (in a heartbeat!)
  15. Oh God... I am a liar if I said I am the "patient" kind of person because I am not. I am trying to be better though but if I see something that rare or unique, and I think I need it..:rolleyes: , and I know I can afford it, I gotta have it NOW! :devil: