What Kind Of Hermes Bag Is This??

  1. Hi ladies i just saw a girl today carrying a hermes bag that looks like the pic below but with the strap going through the "H" like on the wallet over the top of the purse. What style is it?? I hope this isn't too confusing. Pretty much the same purse shape and size but you see where the snap button closure is on the purse??? thats where a strap goes over the top of the purse sliding through the "H", just like the wallet.
    hermes.jpg hermes2.jpg
  2. Sounds like a Jige. The H was in leather material?
  3. No H was metal
  4. constance (was it a shoulder bag?)
  5. pic
  6. Nope it was a hand held bag just like the black one i have posted......... hmmmmm i'm starting to think she was carrying of type of knock off.
  7. I think it was a garden party
  8. I'm thinking you may be right!