What kind of handbags are carried at your local mall?

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  1. What handbags do you see women at your mall carrying around often?

    Prada leather/nylon
    Marc Jacobs stams (I see this too much)
    Longchamp Le Pliages
    Chanel totes
    Louis vuitton Damier

    Occasional Louis Vuitton & Gucci monograms

    Almost no Coach, despite the fact that it's so popular elsewhere. I guess it's just not trendy where I live lol

    :graucho: What about you?
  2. Coach, some LV a few MK and I just saw a Linea Pelle for the first time. Honestly, I usually can't tell what they are carrying.
  3. Dooney, Coach are the only authentic.

    Lots of fakes galore. The brown bag party circuit is in full swing in my town.:sick::throwup:

    Rural New England
  4. A lot of bags from Vera Bradley, Nine West, and Liz Claiborne. Occasionally I spot Coach, Juicy, or Dooney bags. I don't usually see very many designer or high-end bags around.
  5. I see my fair share of Speedys but I couldn't tell you if they're authentic. Most people seem to carry plain black bags, I really don't see anything designer.
  6. mass ammounts of coach poppy totes (the ones that are $198 or whatever), vera bradley totes, a few sig print dooney and bourke, fake coach, fake prada, and fake chanel.
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    Lots of Coach and misc.
    I've seen a few LV's, MK's and MJ
  8. Sadly nothing that catches my fancy... I see Coach, coach and more coach. An occasional Kate Spade.

    Although one time I saw a girl carrying a FABULOUS metallic Valentino Histoire. So I said "wow! I love your Histoire!" And she gave me the snootiest look and said "this is a Nuage" I could have sat there and argued with her, but I took the high road and said "well, it's beautiful!"
  9. Haha, you'll be surprised at how many designer bags I see people carrying in malls around here. I mean Hermes, Chanel, LV, Fendi, Burberry and Gucci to name a few! I actually don't like it, because no matter what you have, other people have it too. -,-
  10. Lmfaooo. That's so funny.
  11. a bunch of le pliages, some LV (both fakes and authentic).

    no coach at all. it's not popular in europe and i'm wondering if they even sell their stuff over here.
  12. XOXO, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Coach and Nine West.

    There are tons of fake Chanels and I've been seeing quite a bit of real LV speedies and NFs lately.
  13. Not much very exciting in this part of the world. Vera Bradley. Lots and lots of Vera Bradley. Maybe some Coach and some fakaroonies. Sad.
  14. Coach, LV, MbMJ, MK and misc non recognizable bags (my fave)
  15. Lots of Coach, LV , Kathy Van Zeeland and Guess, and I don't know enough about other brands/designers to recognize them.