What kind of Gucci sling do you own? *Post pics!*

  1. I am looking for a new sling. I am considering buying an Gucci sling (trying to decide whether it should be LV) or another brand name but I don't know which one to get? Do you own a Gucci sling? Which one? Have any pics? :smile:
  2. hmm sling... Whats that?lol
  3. Do you mean like a messenger bag? This is mine and I totally love it!

  4. Okay I am glad I am not the only one that did not understand what the OP meant when asking about a "sling"
  5. I'm still not sure either?:confused1: The messenger bag is the closest thing I can think of...
  6. i dont own one but i do like this one i think its cute.
  7. Here I am with my "sling." I am assuming this is what you are talking about? I call it a messenger bag but I could see where sling would come from obviously.


    PS: I was NOT wearing black shoes with that bag :p I just threw the bag on and took a picture so everyone could see it.
  8. if you mean the messenger bag, here is mine:p :

  9. I have the Abbey Messenger and I LOVE IT!
  10. mine is the same as yr but in pink. i love it so much too.............
  11. Well it looks like we all have really great messenger bags! I haven't seen the OP post so I don't even know if the messenger bag was what she meant!
  12. ^^the sling she is referring to is actually the messenger bag.. we also call it 'sling' here :smile: