What kind of Gucci are you?

  1. I love the leather bags. I am not a big fan of mono for myself, although I think Gucci would be one I could possibly get into. I just like the leather bags. What do you prefer? Mono or leather better? Or both?
  2. I love the brown mono with white leather trim! I wish I was a leather girl but the ones I want are a little out of my price range right now.
  3. I love the leather bags!
  4. I like both actually but don't like the white trim
  5. I love their Guccissima leather -- so soft and light. I don't mind the GG print (and have a logoed messenger) but it's counterfeited everywhere.
  6. hard choice, I really like them both.
  7. I love the signature print. Im a horsebit i own 2 of them and i love them both.
  8. i like them all but my fave is their guccissima leather.
  9. im a mono girl for sure...for some reason i think the leather is way to classy for me at this point in my life hehehe im so weird but in my opinion i have the rest of my life to wear leather, might as wear the corny mono now!! Ill wear the leather when im 35ish, and rich! :smile: (hehe im 23 now)
  10. both
  11. mono for me
  12. I'm definitely more of a mono girl.. I do like some of their leather bags though but I have yet to purchase one.
  13. I only have one bag and its mono!!!! So right now I'm a mono girl