What kind of grocery shopper are you?

  1. What kind of grocery shopper are you?
    Do you run in quickly, grab what you need for the next few days and bolt right out of there?
    Or do you slowly wander each and every ailse, checking out the weekly sales, comparing prices and products, etc?
    I love grocery shopping.
    I can spend hours in a grocery store...ahhhhhhhhhh.

    How about you guys?
  2. :p I definitely take my time. I actually like grocery shopping, haha. I usually an hour plus!
  3. A reluctant one. I hate grocery shopping.
  4. I go to Whole Foods several times a week, I love to wander the aisles for what's new, and then at the end, get a mini-massage (they actually have chair massage right in the store!)! I love WFM!
  5. When I am at home, I think about the layout of the store and write my list out accordingly. I try to get done asap, I don't enjoy buying food, probably because I am dieting all the time and it is torture.

    Put me in a shopping mall and we have an entirely different situation, hee hee.
  6. I hate grocery shopping. I am a procrastinator. I have a list when I go. I usually don't get out under $175 when I do go.
  7. I go usually every 2-3 weeks... I take so much time.. I look at the ingredients, compare prices, look for high protein products, low carbs, low sodium, no sugar if possible, etc... try to bring "good" food home.. dont ever go grocery shopping hungry.. you will be surprise how much crap that you dont need you can buy when your hungry.. lol
  8. i can take forever in the grocery store...yup...forever...if in a crunch i can get in and get out pretty quick, but, in general i take my sweet time. usually i come out and go "what the heck took me so blasted long?!" :wondering
  9. i go 2 times a month and i stay for like 2 hours andjust look
  10. I hate grocery shopping but when I get to the supermarket the shopper in me kicks into action & it's okay LOL I wander the aisles, don't compare prices just get what I fancy! Do a weekly shop!
  11. I love grocery shopping. If it were up to me, I'd wander inside for hours but DH gets bored easily... ANyway, I wish I was more like my mother when it comes to budgeting. The woman can carry 50bucks inside and would come out with a cartfull of food.
  12. I absolutely hate grocery shopping. I get claustrophobic or something in grocery stores. I hate the crowds of people with their buggies all in the way and stuff. I always put off going and then rush through as quick as I can. I don't even look at prices. I just buy what I want and go.
  13. I loooove grocery shopping! Sometimes I'll turn it into a one day event (with a big cooler, lol). I live about 30 minutes from the Farmer's Market, and 40 minutes from Earth Fare. First I'll go to the Farmers Market, then to Earth Fare, then to get the dog's "groceries", then to Harris Teeter. Some weeks I'll plan a menu out before I leave and then go by my list. But at the Farmer's Market, I'll buy whatever looks good to me that day. Earth Fare is for select ingredients with me, usually olives, cheese, some meats. When it comes to a regular grocery store like Harris Teeter, I try to buy what is on sale and work with that. I wish we had a local butcher, I'd probably take forever picking out meats though.
  14. Same here, I run in and try to get out ASAP.
  15. I despise going to the grocery store, but once I'm there I get sucked in and I must go down every single isle and look at everything. I bring a list, but don't usually stick to it... and usually end up forgetting the stuff on my list.