What kind of girl buys Chloe?!

  1. It's not meant to be an offensive (but I needed something to grab your attention) :angel:.

    Although a girl can collect handbags from a wide range of brands, each name has a type of "girl" that they try to create their bags with her in mind and market towards.

    So, in your opinion, what is a "Chloe girl" like? What makes her stand out from girls of different brands?
  2. Well someone who likes Chloe definitley likes more sophisticated bags with amazing leather...
  3. ITA! Chloe ladies definitely appreciate quality leather and workmanship of the Chloe bags! And, from what I can gather from ladies on this forum, a lot of us do not chase after "It" bags. We love the "classic" styles of bags.
  4. A Chloe gal is A classy sophisticated woman who knows quality and style.....
  5. I :heart: Chloe for the wonderful leather and the fact that I'll still love my bags once the rest of the world has tired of them.
  6. ^^^^Yeah:yes:, what Ali said!
  7. well, i do follow on that! i don't go for "It" bags but a bag that makes me feel classy and trendy at the same time!hopefully for a long time
  8. Class with an edge. Quality materials and craftsmanship to top off the package helps alot too:wlae:
  9. Chloe gals are...

    D-efinitely classy with
    I-mpeccable taste,
    A-ppreciates excellent quality and

  10. As my third Chloe arrived today, I said to DH, "I love Chloe. They were made for me!!!"
    I just connect with Chloe. If I had to put my finger on it, I would say it is because of the sturdy way they are made, the iconic shapes and the gorgeous TDF leather. What kid of girl am I? I guess I am the type who likes to carry an amazing bag :yahoo:
  11. I'm hunting for my first Chloe, so i can't say much about the quality of the bags...
    In addition to what has been said before, I'd like to add that a Chloe girl is extremely nice.
    I usually visit other subforums, but the Chloe gang is the friendlier and chirpier IMO. :wlae::woohoo:
  12. ^Chirpier - LOL! I agree with everything said above but I want to add that Chloe girls appreciate a little rock and roll in their style too. Just that little dash of cheekiness!
  13. I agree with all and yes a little rock & roll - chic and classic but with an edge :smile: I just love Chloe ---- chirpier...love it!
  14. Very well said by all, I agree, a Chloe gal definitely appreciates the quality of Chloe bags, as well as the classic/edgy style. For me, Chloe makes a statement without shouting.
  15. Yeah, I completely agree with your last sentence.