What kind of food you wouldn't want to try?

  1. I'll start first: Indian food. Just the thought of scicy and curry scared me off already.
    I used to stay away from shushi b/c of the seawee smell, but i just learn to eat it with the pink ginger (cuz that takes the smell away, somehow)
    What about you? What kind of food that you absolutely want to stay away from and don't even want to try?:amuse:
  2. OMG! You MUST try Indian food! Not all of it has curry or is even full of spices!
    Hmmmm . . . .I pretty much like everything!
    I don't eat anything raw, ever. {meat/seafood . . .}
  3. hmmm.....i don't have a type of food i woudln't try but there are certain things i won't eat......my boyfriend's family is chinese and they eat all sortsa things that really really really freak me out at dinner :weird: like pig ears and chicken/duck feet, duck tongue, frogs (i went grocery shopping with the mother for this one.....saw it picked outta the bin and skinned :sick:)........i love food and i love to try new things, but a girl's gotta draw the line somewhere.......
  4. Lol!
  5. i've tried lots of stuff. i draw the line at dried pigs blood and frogs. but i've tried the pigs blood. i eat turtles in soup, chicken feet, pigs feet, but i don't like anything raw....
  6. JC,
    I know what you mean, i get freaked out whenever i go to Chinese restaurant just by reading the menu. THey have duck feet, duck tonges, pig intestines.... Sounds so ****:suspiciou
  7. Frogs Legs :sick:
  8. sushi and indian food are my absolute favorites!

    what I would never try are any kind of animal brain matter.
  9. i try not to freak out when i see feet on the table (it's taken awhile i'm easily grossed out......i'm afraid of ants :lol:) but the frog thing just traumatized me........seeing the man pick it out of the barrel (i swear it was looking at me) and then seeing it skinned in a bag....then on the dinner table......made my stomach turn :sick:.....i'm sure it tastes delicious but it's just not for me

    and fayden's post reminded me i won't eat the blood clumpy things either.......there's this korean stew/soup made out of it and just can't eat it :weird:
  10. i wouldn't try any food with cream or cheese or milk in it... i just cant stomach the taste...
  11. I wouldn't want to try a butter-cream-almond-wheat pastry fried in fish oil. I would die in a matter of 2.36 seconds.

    Ok that is obvious because of my allergies!! But I know what I wouldn't want to try. My friend spent the summer in China and they served her something like emu eggs that were buried underground and peed on by a horse- then left to ferment. I'm not kidding. And I would never try that!!
  12. ooh i forgot about the 1000 year old eggs. they turn the outsides black and the yolks green. they smell like a stink bomb but taste really good with rice porridge. LOL!
  13. ROFL!!! my question is, how in the heck did someone even come up with that method!!!

    2 guys walking down the road,
    "hey are those emu eggs?"
    "yeah but they're covered in horse urine!"
    "hell, lets fry em' up!"
    "no, lets wait a week!"
  14. u know i think i have pictures of all these foods somewhere... hold on let me see if i can find them.
  15. escargot!